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  • Aaron Lee recommended Heating Solutions
    Evan is very responsive (we communicated by text messages) and detail oriented. You could tell the way he troubleshoots the problem was very thorough and quickly identified that the valve was faulty. He ordered the parts, got it delivered in 2 days and got the system fixed quickly. Even though it's near the year end and he got lots of jobs, he was nice to squeeze my job in. Very impressed with his work and highly recommended. read more

  • Aaron Lee recommended Mesa Rim Climbing & Fitness - Reno NV
    We went to Mesa Rim with the whole family and it was lots of fun. Staff is very friendly but serious about safety. Space is huge with 52 ft climbing walls. They have a dedicated bouldering area, a yoga studio, and weight training center. They have easy ones for kids as well as more challenging ones for the experienced climbers. read more

  • Aaron Lee recommended Sousa's Garage Doors
    I called Sousa's Garage Doors on Tuesday and was answered by their admin who was able to book me next day at 10 am with very clear pricing - $175 for one spring and $275 for two.

    They came on time and finished the work in less than an hour. Even though only one side was broken, but they said that I should replace both because when the first one broke, the second one was going to break soon.

    Thanks @Mark Dadgar for the referral! read more

  • Aaron Lee recommended Filld
    I used Filld a few times and is super convenient. They will come to you and can fill up your tank before you wake up in the morning. The price is also very competitive. Highly recommended! read more

  • Aaron Lee is looking for a great Garage Door Technician in Los Altos, CA
    Our 2-car garage door spring coils just broke and we are looking for someone who can replace it. The door and the chain are fine. Just the coil is broken. read more

  • Aaron Lee recommended Powerhouse Electric
    We did this project back in 2015 and we were trying to replace all the halogen light bulbs with LED, because of the high ceiling, we decided to go with a licensed electrician instead of a handyman. I got the referrals from my neighbors (Michael/Mark) and Scott responded quickly with detailed quotes and breakdown to each light bulb + dimmer + installation cost. We replaced 28 of them, labor+materials (wire, hardware, brackets, etc ...) came to $115 per piece. They did a great job and we saved so much on the electricity bill and no more 26ft ladder to replace them. read more

  • Aaron Lee is looking for a great Patent Attorney
    We are looking for a patent attorney to file a provisional patent. We are not looking to file a full patent with all the claims at this point but wanted to get the process going with the timestamp. Experience with software algorithms related to social network and recommendations would be great! read more

  • Aaron Lee recommended Leho Communication
    Dropped my iPhone 7+ and cracked the screen, I stopped by Leho Communication and Jimmy fixed it in less than 30 mins. The screen was perfect and I couldn't tell the difference, 3D touch and everything works as expected. It includes 90 days warranty and they work late even on Saturday. Highly recommended! read more

  • Aaron Lee recommended PT Works
    I got my ACL injury in April and have been seeing PT Works for over 3 months now. The place is clean with good equipment (def. check out the AlterG anti-gravity treadmill). I am especially grateful to Kristin and Maureen. They make you feel very comfortable pushing you without being pushy. I gained significantly in range of motion and strength and now I might not even need a surgery. The staff are very friendly and always try to accommodate my schedule. Highly recommended! read more

  • Aaron Lee is looking for a great iOS Developer in Mountain View, CA
    A friend of mine is looking for outsourced iOS development, and curious about the hourly rate range. They have the app on AppStore but is looking for someone to maintain and add features as needed. read more

  • Aaron Lee booked a service with Lawn Love

  • Aaron Lee recommended Team Contractors Plumbing Services
    Hot water was not coming out from our shower and Dan (the owner) replied quickly and scheduled an appointment within 2 days. His plumber Khoa Nguyen came on time and was able to diagnose the problem quickly. He said replacing the whole valve would cost $800 but he's trying to get the parts to fix it (which is not easy because the shower was over 15 years old). Within a few hours, he went to 2 shops and was able to get the right parts and fixed it for $250 (labor & material incl.) with 180 days warranty. Very happy with the result and really appreciate they keep me in the loop and trying to save money for me.

    -- updated on 11/6 2017 ---
    Called Dan again this morning for a clogged shower drain due to hard water minerals build up. Showed up within an hour and got the job done in 30 mins for $175. Great people and got the job done quickly in no time. Highly recommended. read more

  • Aaron Lee recommended Bright Ideas Plumbing & Rooter
    We got a few plumbing issues in our SF apt and Ronnie was super responsive. He texted me right away and asked for pictures so that he could bring in the right tools.

    He was on time for the job and got the issues fixed right away. The invoice has clear line items breakdown with 30-day warranty. Will definitely use him again! read more

  • Aaron Lee recommended Jovel's Quality Painting
    Christian was super responsive from the moment I contacted him, gave us the quote (very reasonable and clear breakdown). He also went above and beyond to get us the matching paint (we texted him the paint label). Came on site and finish the job beautifully. He also patched up the holes on the wall and make the surface super even and smooth. Will definitely use him again! read more

  • Aaron Lee recommended YourMechanic — San Francisco, CA
    Booked YM via
    https://www.getrecommended.com/yourmechanic-san-francisco-ca/services/7a10a1/oil-and-filter-change/ for an oil change.
    Very smooth transaction. In particular, I really like

    1) the scheduling, booked on Monday and they came out the next day
    2) they wanted to make sure they got the right parts by verifying my VIN number
    3) Charles arrived my house on time and called me to confirm and took great photos

    Highly recommended! read more

  • Aaron Lee is looking for a great Orthopedic Doctor in Los Altos, CA
    Injured my right knee while I was skiing and the joint is swollen. I can walk (limping) but can't bend my knee. Any recommendations for someone near Mountain View / Palo Alto / Los Altos? read more

  • Aaron Lee recommended Sterling WoodCraft
    My interior designer Candace Cavanaugh recommended Sterling WoodCraft and said Dave is great there. So you might want to check them out to see if its' a fit. read more

  • Aaron Lee recommended Fabio Rosati
    It's been an absolute pleasure working with Fabio. In particular, he's amazing in the following areas:

    1. Great Judgement: focus on a few things that are critical at the current stage of the company and filter out the noise. Knowing what _not_ to work on is as important as what to work on. "To Focus on Everything is to Focus on Nothing!", Fabio is great at reminding us to focus on the bullseye.

    2. Style: talking to Fabio always feels like you are collaborating and working together to solve problems. It's good to have a cheerleader, but you also want to have honest discussions with a high degree of transparency and directness.

    3. Coaching and mentoring: Fabio is a great listener, always ask questions and pose challenges. He won't tell you "don't do this" but instead he'd tell you this is something he tried in the past and these were the issues.

    Highly recommended for any entrepreneurs who are looking for a great advisor/mentor/board member! read more

  • Aaron Lee is looking for a great Startup Lawyer
    Friend of a friend who was a former employee of a startup is looking to sell her common shares to me (Board has approved and not invoke the ROFR so we are good there). I am looking for a simple agreement for the ownership transfer. Any recommendations? read more

  • Aaron Lee recommended Simple Bit Design
    We worked with Craig for 5 months and it was a great experience. He's a designer with good frontend knowledge to know what is great and easy to implement vs difficult and takes too long but only 2% better.

    He's easy to communicate, willing to listen to feedback and one of the things I really appreciate was his accommodation to adjust to our time zone so that we could have a real-time chat.

    His design is clean and beautiful, you can check out his work and it's very user-friendly. Highly recommended! read more

  • Aaron Lee is looking for a great Copywriter in Mountain View, CA
    Hi guys,

    We are looking for several great writers/bloggers for our blog on getrecommended.com focusing on tips and best practices on how to run a small business, build the reputation and provide best services. Ideally, each article is ~300-500 words.

    Would be grateful for any referrals and people that you'd recommend. Feel free to spread the words to your network as well.
    Much appreciated. Thanks!

    -Aaron read more

  • Aaron Lee recommended Nyman IP
    We were filing a trademark case with USPTO and we started with LegalZoom and thought it would be an easy task. Unfortunately, LegalZoom only got the submission done and not quite able to follow through.

    That's when Scott came in. He was knowledgeable and super responsive. He explained how the process works and gave us good feedback on various things related to trademark/patent and best practices. Best of all, he was able to do it with a flat fee which is so refreshing when you work with lawyers.

    With his help, we got our trademark in less than 2 months and we couldn't be happier with the result. read more

  • Lorie Singer recommended Recommended
    I first connected with Aaron during a usability research project he was conducting. Aaron was professional and knowledgeable about the product as he guided me through the steps he needed me to use. He was open to suggestions and, unlike some I worked with in the past, never got defensive or made excuses when I commented on things I thought should be different.

    Since then Aaron and I have discussed additional aspects of the project and promoting it to the public. Aaron has been very approachable with new ideas while maintaining focus on the needs and schedule of the project.

    I wholeheartedly recommend Aaron as a usability expert! read more

  • Aaron Lee recommended Ryan Nell Consulting
    Ryan has been helping us at https://smith.ai on writing blogs on fairly technical content. His writing style is concise, precise and easy to understand even for the non-technical audience. He'd spend time on researching the subject, understanding how it works and very open to feedback. Highly recommended! read more

  • Rob Stamm recommended Recommended
    Having been fortunate enough to work with Aaron, I have seen first hand his professionalism, kindness and overall passion for the projects he takes on. From start to finish, Aaron has been a real pleasure to work with and I would highly encourage others to utilize all his skills! read more

  • Aaron Lee recommended Lorie E.G. Singer
    I worked with Lorie on a usability research project and she did a great job in articulating her thought process and thinking out loud about the issues and design aspects.

    Moreover, she pinpointed exactly what was the underlying user unmet need which exposed the deficiencies of the UX flow. Highly recommended! read more

  • Alvin Tse recommended Recommended
    Aaron is one of the most solid, tech-savvy, down to earth startup advisors you could find in Silicon Valley. Not only does he command excellent engineering chops, he also has sharp business acumen required to give insights to many fledging or struggling companies. Unlike some who are just about talks, Aaron gets things done in a methodical and data driven manner that just oozes confidences into whoever is working with him. Can't recommend highly enough! read more

  • Denis Abrams recommended Recommended
    Aaron has immense insights and has been extremely helpful. With his depth of knowledge and intuition he has been a valuable sounding board. read more

  • Aaron Lee recommended Dr. Christine Hansen
    I have been seeing Dr. Hansen for many years. She's friendly, professional and very knowledgeable. Her staff are equally awesome. And now my wife, mother-in-law and my friends are all seeing her. Highly recommended! read more

  • Aaron Lee recommended Demakas Plumbing & Heating, Inc.
    Our shower valve was not pumping out hot water and needed to replace the shower valve.

    Benjamin from Demakas Plumbing came and was able to diagnose the problem quickly. A few days later, he brought all the new parts, turned off the main water valve in the building and was able to finish the job quickly (in less than 2 hours).

    Very happy with the job and would definitely recommend him. read more

  • Aaron Lee recommended Sartain's Sassy Stitches
    Angela made two ariel mermaids for my daughters and they love them! Make sure you check out her website as she can pretty much make anything cute and adorable. Your imagination is the limit. read more

  • Aaron Lee recommended Rosalia's House Cleaning
    Rosalia and her husband did a great job for a move-out cleaning. They responded within an hour and was able to come the day after. They showed up on time and finished the whole job in 2.5 hours cleaning everything.

    I called a few other places and they either didn't return my call or quoted 2X what they charged for the same amount of time. Overall, I was very happy with the result and would use them again. read more

  • Aaron Lee recommended Victor
    Our shower was not pumping hot water and had to replace the valve and cartridge. Victor came, cut out the wall behind it so that his partner Benjamin could replace them. He did it in 15 mins with precision.

    The day after, he came back to patch up the 3ft x 3ft hole and painted it back in less than 2 hours. I looked at the wall and couldn't see any evidence that it was cut out even though I knew exactly where the hole was.

    He's polite, efficient and is really good at his stuff. Highly recommended! read more

  • Aaron Lee recommended Minami Tamaki LLP
    Ms. Ramsay came highly recommended from my friend Alex regarding H1B/O1 Visa and general immigration issues. I later introduced her to my coworker and he also found her super useful. She seems very knowledgeable in I-140, work visa and etc ... read more

  • Aaron Lee recommended Big Mama's Sugar Cookies
    I was at one of my friend's kid birthday party and they had these super cute and delicious Peppa Pig cookies. Turns out they were from a home based kitchen and the cookies were just amazing. Highly recommended! read more

  • Marty Cornish recommended Recommended
    Aaron is a phenomenal advisor - one of the few people who actually makes the effort to understand the context of the situation before providing excellent suggestions. Highly recommended if you can get him involved. read more

  • Aaron Lee recommended AA Cardenas Construction
    One of our windows were not able to stay open, we contacted a few people and everyone says it was not fixable. And then Arisel came by and he was able to fix it in less than an hour. He said the window balance rivets and string was broken and we have order a new part which costs $5 on Amazon. The day after he came by and finished the job. He's friendly and responsive and will definitely use him again. read more

  • Aaron Lee recommended Justin Maxwell
    Justin is the rockstar designer. He builds sexy design with attention to details. His ability to listen to idea and feedback is very rare because most designers think they need to be stubborn and opinionated. On top of that, he loves talking to customers and users to build features that actually matter to them. Highly recommended! read more

  • Aaron Lee recommended Keen Construction
    Highly recommended by one of fellow ex-Googler Markus. They specialize in custom home remodeling. read more

  • Aaron Lee recommended Commite Inc.
    We have been working with Commite for a while and their team is amazing. They handle design, prototyping, implementation as well as infrastructure on deploying your idea/project to production. Super friendly and easy to work with. Very impressed by their coding quality and focus on building easy to test and extend codebase. Highly recommended! read more

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