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  • Andrés Contreras Sáez recommended Shad
    I first heard of Shadi reading his article: The State of Freelancing a Guide to 2017. I was inspired by his impressive knowledge of the business of working independently. As a freelance professional his ideas encourage me to get out of my comfort zone and explore new roads to expand my business. His ideas should be read by anybody who wants to succeed as an independent professional. He is a great writer, a true motivator who shakes the ground under your feet and changes your perspective and old ways of thinking. Although I don´t know him personally, he is on my list of people I consider teachers and role models when it comes to finding new ways and means to grow. I am grateful. read more

  • William McGuire recommended Shad
    Super smart guy with a deep understanding of the digital world. Worked together on various analytics implementations and was a big help. The guy's going places ;-) read more

  • Victor Vorski recommended Shad
    Shadi is a great person to work with. He has a deep understanding of analytics and growth hacking. He has taken time to understand our particular business needs and given careful consideration to create a solution which matches our business, not just sell us some standard package.

    Most importantly he's a great communicator and a wonderful person to work with which in the long run is incredibly important. Especially since we are relying on him to help us with things which we do not have expertise on internally. He has taken time to answer our questions, and I feel is looking our for the best needs of our business. read more

  • Yossi Amar recommended Shad
    Shad is a really talented strategist. He has been working with me on a few projects and it has always been a success. read more

  • David Markovich recommended Shad
    Shadi is great communicator, writer and strategist. I hired him for writing and he surpassed anyone I've hired before. read more

  • Werner Geyser recommended Shad
    Shad is one of the greatest minds in the industry. We have worked together on a number of projects and he is not only super smart but also a very analytical and strategic thinker. He delivers as promised and is a great asset to any project. I can highly recommend him. read more

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