• Derek Perez
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  • Derek Perez is looking for a great General Contractor in Santa Clara, CA
    I have a portion of wall that keeps getting wet and rotting out right next to my tub in my bathroom. I'd like to find someone who can replace that portion of the wall (about 8 inch width, floor to ceiling) with tile so that this will stop happening. read more

  • Derek Perez recommended Sit Means Sit Dog Training
    Ryan did an incredible job training our Shiba Inu puppy. He has extensive knowledge in dog behavior, especially with more difficult breeds. I was really impressed with him and all the techniques he taught us, they really made a huge difference! read more

  • Derek Perez recommended Groundwork Legal, Inc.
    I worked with Gabe on some startup-oriented law stuff and he was fantastic. He also helped me with a merger so I would imagine his knowledge/expertise in that area would extend to this as well. read more

  • Derek Perez is looking for a great Electrician in San Jose, CA
    I have a LARGE amount of electrical modifications that I need done to a new home in San Jose, CA. This is likely a multi-day job (maybe 1-2 weeks?). Work includes:

    - Adding new outlets to the exterior of the home
    - Installing 2 ceiling fans + control switches
    - Replacing one interior ceiling light fixture, installing 1 brand new one
    - Adding multiple power outlets to the interior of the garage
    - Fixing a 3-way switch problem read more

  • Derek Perez is looking for a great Handyman in Santa Clara, CA
    I need someone to replace one window in my house. Ideally this person can do the measuring/ordering/installing and just give me a bill to pay. I'd like the window to be vinyl, dual pane and frosted. Preferably milgard to match the rest of the house. read more

  • Derek Perez recommended Maria Delgado
    Maria and her team do great work, and over the years they've been an extremely dependable team. read more

  • Derek Perez recommended Jeff Robbins / Central Coast Construction
    I had Jeff build and install a beautiful teak round hot tub. He did an amazing job, and really went above and beyond explaining how every detail of the system worked. He also spent a lot of time walking me through the care/maintenance of the system which was super helpful! read more

  • Derek Perez recommended Grant Road Dental - Mountain View, Ca Dentist
    I've been going to grant road dental for years. Really happy with their staff and their overall attention to quality and detail in my mouth. read more

  • Derek Perez recommended Brian Ota
    Brian does wonders for my back! He does great work, and is also very friendly/personable. I would highly recommend his services! read more

  • Derek Perez recommended Petrinovich Pugh & Company, LLP
    Tom has been doing my taxes for years, they've only gotten more complicated over that time. I've been continuously happy with his work and attention to detail. Never been audited, and if it ever does happen, I'm happy to have him in my corner. read more

  • Derek Perez recommended The Armas Brothers
    I've bought two houses with Carlos and in both cases he SERIOUSLY delivered. Neither purchase was straightforward or easy, in fact they were both quite complicated. Carlos got to know what I wanted in a home and he was able to find great areas with beautiful homes, couldn't be happier. When it comes to the south bay, I'd never even consider another realtor. Carlos is THE MAN. read more