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  • Angela Sartain recommended Scott Straka Art
    Scott is amazingly talented and an all around awesome guy. I met him through the convention scene and have 5 of his artists prints featured in my themed hallway. He always has these incredible sales and is hands down one of the bust in the business! read more

  • Charmaigne Johnson recommended Sartain's Sassy Stitches
    After a craft trade with this lovely lady, I have the best winter hat ever!
    I am so blessed to have not only a talented beautiful friend, but a place to buy the best crocheted items on the web! read more

  • Joelle Yates recommended Sartain's Sassy Stitches
    Angela's dolls are so unique! She made a walker doll from The Walking Dead for my son and a custom princess doll for my daughter that looks just like her!! She does an incredible job and I will be placing another order soon! read more

  • Amanda Beam recommended Sartain's Sassy Stitches
    She made my fiancés walker dangle chin and one of my walkers . They are so adorable and she is a super nice person !!! read more

  • Sabrina Bowman recommended Sartain's Sassy Stitches
    I met Angela at a comic con through Anastasia Baranova! My daughter loved the little Addy doll she had made Anastasia, so Angela offered to make my daughter one! She LOVES it and it is so perfect! Definitely recommend! read more

  • Skip Bartlett recommended Sartain's Sassy Stitches
    Angela made a great knitted version of one of my walkers off of TWD. It's name is dangle chin an he is awesome! read more

  • Amy Moore recommended Sartain's Sassy Stitches
    I would definitely recommendation Angela doll she made me a cute pinhead doll and I love it I would buy more . So give it a shot by buying one of her cute dolls read more

  • Angela Sartain recommended Smith.ai
    Smith.ai is truly an innovative and inspiring company! I have worked with them for almost a year now and have seen, first-hand, the dedication and care that comes from the entire company. The level of detail that goes into understanding the clients and ensuring that calls are handled as requested is second to none! read more

  • Aaron Lee recommended Sartain's Sassy Stitches
    Angela made two ariel mermaids for my daughters and they love them! Make sure you check out her website as she can pretty much make anything cute and adorable. Your imagination is the limit. read more

  • Justin Maxwell recommended Sartain's Sassy Stitches
    Angela's custom dolls, baby hats, and baby costumes are like no others I've ever seen. Many people mix traditional styles with modern interests but Angela takes it to a new level. From afar it's a cute doll, but up close it's missing an eye and its limb is coming off. Or hey, why does Iron Man have to be so cuddly and cute?

    I met Angela through our receptionist service and have watched her knitting and crocheting business skyrocket during that time, creating characters from The Walking Dead, Avengers, horror movies like Nightmare on Elm Street, and many others. Her work is so in demand now that she's backed up for months. read more

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