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  • Jerome Lu recommended Martin J Wolff & Company Inc.
    When my wife was laid off last year, my family lost our health insurance. We spent hours looking online and came out more confused than ever. COBRA, CA, individual plans, Medi-Cal, Blue this or Health that, co-this and co-that, and so many acronyms. We didn’t know what to do, and our heads were spinning.

    We even called all our doctors’ offices, getting transferred to billing departments and financial counselors, and each one gave us a little slice of information but couldn’t help us put together the whole picture. We were completely lost and overwhelmed. So what did we do? We procrastinated.

    We had one week left to get insurance, and we were desperate to talk to a human being who could give us some direction and sane advice. Luckily, we found Sasha.

    Sasha listened carefully and calmed us down. He took care to understand our situation and our priorities (we really wanted our kid to keep the same doctor but were more flexible about our own docs), and he knew exactly what to do. He let us know what information we needed to gather, then checked participating providers to eliminate plans that didn’t have the doctors we wanted to keep.

    Sasha’s help made all the difference. By giving us clarity, narrowing down our choices to just the relevant ones, and holding us to a strict timeline, he got us acting quickly. Sasha took care of our Covered CA application and made sure we followed up on our end, reminding us gently to register online and pay the premiums.

    Without Sasha, we would’ve wasted many more hours on pointless research and would’ve ended up paying way more money for insurance.

    Sasha excels at explaining how insurance works from a financial standpoint but in an easy-to-understand way. We knew what potential costs we were looking at with each plan, and there was no pressure whatsoever to choose something that would be more expensive. If anything, I would say that Sasha always tries to save us as much money as possible!

    In the end, Sasha had us signed up and covered with no gap, keeping all the doctors we wanted, and for a modest, affordable premium. Sasha really knows his stuff, and I would recommend him to anyone! read more

  • Daisy Chow recommended Martin J Wolff & Company Inc.
    Sasha helped put together a great basic benefits package for a small startup company, and he and his team were instrumental in getting the employees insured quickly and for a reasonable cost.

    Sasha’s knowledge of medical/vision/dental insurance is encyclopedic, surpassed only by his ability put it in everyday terms for us to understand. His pragmatic advice was indispensable, helping get the most coverage for the employees while minimizing costs to the employer. He really performs his due diligence: he made sure we considered all feasible options while keeping in mind the long term so the company wouldn’t make the benefits mistakes typical of startups. Sasha’s extensive experience in insurance really shows.

    His team continues to provide our employees with support, and, in fact, they urge us to contact them first if any problems come up because he and his team can often drastically cut down the amount of time it takes to resolve an issue (and they have certainly done so!).

    In short, Sasha is awesome. He’s an insurance nerd, so you don’t have to be. I am grateful to have Sasha on our side. read more

  • William Lu recommended Martin J Wolff & Company Inc.
    Mr. Ezros receives my highest possible recommendation. He has always patiently answered any and all my insurance questions. He pro-actively reaches out to see if I have any issues with my coverage. He's a great asset to have! read more

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