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  • Iana Harsono recommended Angela Dinh
    I had Angela do my makeup and hair for my wedding, and she was very professional!! I found her through A-List Makeup and I'm glad I did. She is very detail-oriented and made sure my makeup lasted throughout the long day. At the last minute, she was still fixing every strand of my hair! She knew there wasn't enough time to do my makeup and two other bridesmaids so she called for backup. I'm glad she did because we were right on time! Thanks to Angela, my makeup was flawless, I learned a lot about makeup, and my wedding photos look amazing! read more

  • Iana Harsono recommended Peacebank Yoga
    Peacebank Yoga is one of the best Yoga studios I've ever been to. They are always super clean, have a great energy and really, really nice people! I don't live nearby anymore but I really miss going here. My favorite instructors are Emily Galvin and Jos Bols. Really great and know their stuff. Coming to this place after work really helped me de-stress my life and loosen my muscles. I was able to do poses I'd never thought I'd do after coming here for a few months. read more

  • Iana Harsono recommended Haymont Veterinary Clinic
    Dr. Gill is amazing. Probably one of the best veterinarians I've ever taken my dogs to. He immediately recognized that my new puppy has a malocclusion, whereas the breeder never told us about it. I didn't even see him check her mouth, but sure enough, she has a slight underbite and could be problematic in the future where we'd have to have her canines extracted. He explained everything with diagrams that he drew himself on a whiteboard. He answered all our questions and was very thorough with our vet visit. The other thing he mentioned was that our 4-year-old dog needs scaling on his teeth, and that he uses anesthesia to do it. Some vets would not do anesthetic to cut costs for the patient but that means they can't get to the very back teeth. Dr. Gill does it right and he knows his stuff! read more

  • Iana Harsono recommended Vania Hendratna
    Vania is really friendly and explains the ins and outs of my life insurance with her company, Nationwide. I feel safe knowing my family is covered in case something bad happens. And the plan that I'm on allows me to save money for my future, after retirement. If you talk to Vania she will recommend a great plan for you. You can't go wrong with her! I also ping her lots of times during the day and she promptly answers. I'm the type of person who never reads the fine print, so it's nice that she's there to explain everything to me. read more

  • Iana Harsono recommended Tim Tjahjadi
    Tim and his business partner take photography very seriously. It's not just a job to him, it is an art and he's very dedicated to it. They took my wedding photos and I couldn't be happier with the results! Tim takes beautiful candid photos that capture true emotion. I cried looking back at the photos and it reminded me of how I felt that day! He is also very prompt and takes great care of his clients. He went the extra step and gave us a very pretty photobook as a wedding gift. He shoots his photos from the heart and I highly recommend him to anyone who needs professionally done photos for any occasion. read more