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iOS Developer

Near Mountain View, CA

A friend of mine is looking for outsourced iOS development, and curious about the hourly rate range. They have the app on AppStore but is looking for someone to maintain and add features as needed.

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    Aaron Lee
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    Daniel, I am not sure. I guess it depends on how good they are, their rate, and are they willing to have a few hours to sync up in the PST timezone.
    Daniel González Gasull
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    Can the developer be remote? I know a couple of them in Hong Kong.

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    He is a great developer and I've personally seen many of his apps which are amazing. Including one that he did for the City of Mountain View.
    I know that he is busy with other projects for the duration of this year, but in January he will have a lot more time. Read more

    multitasker good communicator easygoing good with animals good with kids good taste likes to teach detail-oriented creative above and beyond honest punctual organized dependable multilingual quick turnaround connected/networker great value responsive works late
    Aaron Lee
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    Hi Reza, outsourced as in individual contractor. I suppose agency could work but typically they add another 30-40% overhead which is not ideal.
    Reza Shirazian
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    What do you mean outsourced? like outside US? Also is the app in Swift or Objective-c