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    Eric has great ideas. We had some kinda weird 70s-era house design issues we needed to rework, and he's been great at helping think through the best way to achieve our goals. And his work is meticulous and his prices are reasonable. read more

  • Justin Maxwell recommended Hazen Creative, Inc.
    I am not exaggerating when I say that three times now, across three separate jobs I've had, Shawn has saved the day. I first met him on the design team at Apple when he struck me as just this amazingly nice guy who was happy to share his enthusiasm and ideas with others. When he left to start his own firm in Chicago I knew he would do big things.

    When I left shortly after and had a "oh no, we need a pro!" moment at A Company That Shall Not Be Named Who Is Currently Under FDA Investigation™, Shawn did a perfect job on some really boring work. Later when another company needed a logo, he began one of the most professional explorations of logo I've ever seen. Very thoughtful and thorough. And surprisingly affordable.

    But best of all, Smith would not look like this without him. He has given life to an aesthetic we had in our heads but were unable to execute. He is still the same nice guy I worked with 10 years ago, only even more talented!

    Also don't hire him because we need all his time. Thanks in advance for not doing that. But when this is all done you can. read more