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  • Erin Ladd recommended A Touch of Glass
    Look, you live in the Southwest, you get dings and cracks in your windshield. It's a thing that just HAPPENS. When I needed my windshield replaced, I went to A Touch of Glass, and not only did they do a quick job of replacing my windshield, but they taught me how to use my automatic rain sensor. (To be fair, the icon was NOT intuitive, but how awesome is it that I got educated while getting my windshield replaced?) They know all things windshield, and they're a great value. read more

  • Erin Ladd recommended Wild Hare Salon of Santa Fe
    Look, I'm the kind of lady who gets her hair cut like once a year. Tops. I am very badly neglectful of my most basic responsibilities as a human with hair. So, with that in mind, here's what I love about Alicia: She never judges me. Yes, I apply too much heat to my hair and it causes split ends (she showed me a better way to do all of it, totally non-pushy-style). Yes, if unprovoked, I'll go 6 months between appointments (she gently nudges me to not do this and now we pre-schedule). Yes, I have more gray hairs than I'd like (she's never once pushed me into coloring them). And when I came to her 3 days after the election to cut 10 inches of my hair off, she said that sometimes she double-checks with a client to make sure they want to go drastically shorter, but she looked into my eyes and knew that I "was ready." She's GREAT, and she's never led me astray. My mane is the better for it. read more