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  • Howard Hartenbaum recommended Kelly's Stump Removal
    Quick response, reasonable price, solid performance. Have used this guys twice now and happy with it. read more

  • Howard Hartenbaum recommended RB Flooring
    I had RB install white oak into a 4,000 square house. The house was 97 years old and the subfloor was very uneven. They did a great job leveling and the final result is perfect. Pricing is reasonable. The team is friendly and professional. Happy I used them. read more

  • Howard Hartenbaum recommended Slaughterbeck Floors Inc.
    Did a perfect job on a 1,000 square foot flooring refinish job for a 20 year rental property. Before the job, there were deep scratches, holes in the floor and I thought I needed a whole new floor. I asked for a quote for a new floor and they told me that I could do a refinish/repair for 1/3rd the price and I couldn't believe they proposed a smaller job. I let them do the refinish and it actually resulted in what looks like a brand new floor. This company works magic and I'll happily use them again. read more

  • Howard Hartenbaum recommended Galvan's Fencing
    I had Josh Galvan replace the cedar fence and gates at my house in Los Altos. He did a great job, cleaned up afterwards, was fairly priced and was a fair price compared to other bids that I received. read more

  • Howard Hartenbaum recommended G&G Carpet Cleaners
    My puppy had an accident on hand woven silk rug. G&G sent out their guy right away and he worked quickly, but very carefully, to make sure that he wouldn't do further, or permanent, damage to the rug in the process of cleaning it. I'm sure glad I called them. read more

  • Howard Hartenbaum recommended Red Lantern Cycles
    I bought a mid-range Fuji bicycle for a gift for my 20+ year old daughter. They asked lots of questions, and then ordered a specific bike that ended up being a perfect fit in design and style. After taking delivery of the bike, we had a few small problems and they fixed the issues for free. Friendly service. read more

  • Howard Hartenbaum recommended Acme Boiler and Water Heating Company
    Acme (Randy) came to troubleshoot my hydronic heating system for an issue with two recirculation pumps and was very knowledgable. He was prompt, personable, and smart. I feel confident in the service I got as being done right and professionally. read more

  • Howard Hartenbaum recommended Don Lake Plumbing
    I had Don Lake install a new water heater for my house. It was during the holidays and we needed it right away. He was prompt and worked very hard (12 hours in one day) to get the job done and final. I really appreciated his help. No problems with the installation and all worked perfectly. read more

  • Howard Hartenbaum recommended Rocky John Masonry
    I had Rock John build a front/rear patio made out of Connecticut Bluestone for me. He did a perfect job and they look beautiful. No complaints and will surely use again. read more

  • Howard Hartenbaum recommended Kelly's Stump Removal
    I had them remove some stumps at my house. They were professional, on time, reasonably priced and cleaned up after they were done. They managed to hit an old sprinkler line that was buried, and they fixed that as part of the process. read more

  • Howard Hartenbaum recommended Newhall Plumbing
    I had Newhall Plumbing rebuild my sewer system both inside and outside my house, as well as run new copper water lines from the main. They are quick, professional, courteous and fairly priced for the high end work that they did. I feel confident that all the plumbing in my house is now well constructed and ready to provide comfortable living for years to come. read more

  • Howard Hartenbaum recommended Kavanagh Construction Company
    Patrick Kavanagh is a very experienced local General Contractor who effectively manages his internal team of 10 workmen and carpenters, as well as numerous subcontractors where he has long term relationships. Kavanagh always makes sure the job gets done properly, he never cuts corners and he builds for durability and function, not just for looks. He goes above and beyond to make sure things are done right, and when there is a problem, he makes sure it gets fixed properly. read more

  • Howard Hartenbaum recommended Kwik Key Lock and Safe
    I've used this company four times to date, to install new lock hardware on numerous doors at three different houses. They are reasonably priced, punctual, quick to get work done with no negative issues experienced. read more

  • Howard Hartenbaum recommended Bonanza Heating and Air Conditioning
    Ed Soetje runs this business. He installed a Heating and Air Conditioning (HVAC) unit at my house as well as a separate Air Conditioning (A/C) unit at my mom's house. He is a great communicator, gave a fair price compared to other bids that I have, and when there were a couple of minor issues after installation, he was very quick to respond and fix the problems. I have already used him twice and I am hiring him to install two A/C units at my house because I am confident he will do a great job. read more

  • Howard Hartenbaum recommended Gary S. Fanton, MD
    49ers team doctor, consider the best in the SF Bay Area. Everyone I know that needed surgery, particularly shoulder, went to him and was very happy with results. He is cautious, puts off surgery if possible, focuses on rehab instead. read more

  • Howard Hartenbaum is looking for a great hydronic heating repair in Los Altos Hills, CA
    I have a hot water (hydronic) heating system and I need a contractor that is familiar with replacing gate valves and bleeder valves on my radiators. read more