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    We found Fireart through Dribbble — repeatedly seeing a breadth of illustration work conveying playfulness, simplicity, and friendliness. After working with firms in the Bay Area we'd just been burned a few too many times by paying for a designer's $4,000/mo rent, not paying for high quality, professional work. From the moment we started working with Fireart it was clear that they ran their studio as a professional distributed team with project management, but the costs did not reflect unnecessary overhead.

    We've now worked together on three projects — each time I provide sketches of what I have in mind, and they bring them to life and execute far better than I ever could. They are fantastic about revisions, too, never any pushback, extremely fast turnaround. Since working with them we have recommended them to many other startups and design teams here in California and in my design Slack groups. The only thing keeping us from working with them more is my own being spread too thin — they are by far my favorite firm I've worked with in years and we look forward to working with them more in the future! read more

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