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Davis is one of San Francisco's top Real Estate Agents, representing clients in Downtown, Noe Valley, Potrero Hill, the Mission, West Portal and every neighborhood in between. With over 60 closed sales, Davis separates himself from other agents by understanding the most important aspect of Real Estate, which is you. Whether you are a first-time buyer, investor or seller, you will be taken care of. Welcome home! Read more
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    There are few people that I have worked with in any capacity of my life that I would recommend more strongly than Davis Pemstein.

    Buying a house is not easy. It can be crazy. Nerve-wracking. Incredibly time consuming. And, especially for first-time buyers, it can be extremely intimidating.

    That's where Davis comes in.

    He worked tirelessly every step of the way to ensure that we found a place that we loved. Vetted homes for us to look at based on what he thought we'd like. Was realistic with us in terms of what we could afford. Arranged showings for us at the drop of a hat. Was our emotional counsel us through the offer process. Went out of his way to encourage the listing agent to select us amid the several offers submitted. And checked in every step of the way to ensure a smooth close.

    It's one thing to have an agent that helps you through the logistics of finding a place and facilitates a transaction. It's an entirely different thing altogether when you're working with an agent that has your back. That understands the emotional rollercoaster of buying a house in SF. Who says that he'll be there at any time to answer any questions or address any concerns - and actually means it. Who's genuinely as excited as you are when he calls to tell you that your offer was accepted.

    Davis is all of these things and more. We absolutely would not be in our new place without his diligence, his patience, and his hard work. So do yourself a favor, and let him help you find your dream home. Just be sure that you're ready for a response when you email or text him, because it'll be there almost before you hit "send."



    I recently bought a condo with Davis and have to say that he was absolutely incredible throughout the whole process. I came into it thinking I wanted to buy a place, but really having no idea about buying a house.

    He was extremely patient and helpful, explaining how everything goes and took me around to a bunch of places to help me get a sense of what I was looking for. I learned a lot about myself throughout the process, and he was very good at pointing out non-obvious things to me.

    After many months, I finally got a sense for what kind of place in what neighborhood I was interested in buying. I wasn't in any hurry, and Davis was very good about not pressuring me. But we began to get serious. I stopped visiting many places, and was pretty busy with my life, so I wasn't able to go to many open houses. But Davis had a great sense at that point about the type of place I was interested in, and sent me consistently solid places to check out. And when it came time to start putting in some offers, he helped research the recent comparables, so I'd have a good idea of what other similar properties went for, and could get a sense of how much I'd have to offer.

    I thought the whole process would have taken longer than it did, but amazingly, my second offer got accepted. After that, Davis did a good job managing the entire closing process, helping me close on time. There was an overwhelming flood of forms and things to look at, but Davis was good about flagging the important things for me, and helping guide me through that process as well.

    Davis helped handhold me through the entire homebuying experience, and I'm really glad that I had him there for me. I wholeheartedly recommend him to anyone else.

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    Davis was absolutely critical to my home buying process and was excellent in navigating what was an excruciating path. We had unfortunately run into many problems with the lender, but Davis provided the communication, information, and professionalism that I was lacking from my bank. From the start, Davis was helpful in searching for homes and in providing the right guidance for me to get accepted. Once that was done, he was on top of all the parties to cross the finish line. My close was extended multiple times, and Davis helped provide realistic expectations and was flexible in accommodating multiple demands from the various parties, including handling negotiations between myself and the seller.

    Although there were many challenging situations that put Davis in tough spots, I thought he navigated them with fluidity and a "problem-solving" attitude. He also had the resources (including his firm, ClimbSF) to help us overcome the obstacles. Moreover, he was available weekends and evenings, providing above-and-beyond service.

    Should that day come when I would either buy a new home, or even sell, I would surely be looking for Davis' assistance. I know that he had encompassed a level of commitment that can only define the very purpose and outstanding characteristics of a buyer's agent.

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    Davis brought much-needed insight, skill, and efficiency to our home buying experience in San Francisco, helping to ensure that we closed with the right house at the right price. I would work with him again without hesitation, and recommend him to any friend or colleague.

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    Davis is awesome, well connected and understands the SF market really well. He made the whole buying experience a breeze. One of the best agents I've ever seen!

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    Hey Aaron- I am looking for an agent. Do you think Davis would be a good fit for me?
    Without reservation YES, he's super responsive and goes above and beyond to make sure you are taken care of.
    Nadeen S.

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    My husband and I worked with Davis who found us our dream home. He has a great personality and really listens to what you want. He came with us numerous times to look at open houses to better understand what was really important to us and what we really want. After every viewing, we extensively discussed the pros and cons of the home and he helped manage our expectations throughout the process. Davis was readily available to us throughout the buying process and went above and beyond as a realtor. I highly recommend him and without hesitation would use him again for our future home purchases. He is an excellent realtor and a very down to earth and wonderful person.

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