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    Bend Law Group came highly recommended to us at Smith.ai (from another lawyer) as one of the best startup law firms in the area, and in turn, we recommend them as well. We worked with Luthien Niland. Luthien helped us in a big way. Our company has grown astronomically through word-of-mouth from happy customers. Many of them are practicing attorneys and firms. Our boilerplate Terms & Conditions suited us well for a while, but became a Frankenstein's monster of additions and clarifications as the service grew. We were finally called to task on it by a potential customer — it wasn't clear what we were trying to say, and they weren't comfortable signing up until we clarified things.

    Not only did Luthien help make our T&C more human-readable, but she also organized it in a way that allowed potential customers to clearly understand our focus on confidentiality and information ownership. The net result was a terms and conditions document that built a narrative of thoughtfulness and thoroughness for those reading it to understand the big picture, yet still provided detail and organization for the critical eye looking for specific answers.

    Communication-wise she was very collaborative — we worked together on a Google Doc until everyone was happy with the result.

    Overall — they know their stuff, their pricing is reasonable, their communication is quick and clear, and they are pleasant to work with. read more

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