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  • Wen Gong recommended Deep PC
    It was a pleasure to work with Deep PC who built a high-end workstation for deep/machine learning. Deep PC advised us on the hardware component stack and software that would be needed for the deep learning tasks and assembled the machine using a hexacore Xeon CPU, Titan X GPU, a 960 Evo M.2 SSD, and 128 gigabytes of memory.

    It works like a charm and it saved us thousands of $ compared to buying a premade machine. If you need a custom built computer at a fraction of the cost, I highly recommend giving Deep PC a try. read more

  • Wen Gong recommended Trush Construction Company, Inc.
    Shahram and his crew rebuilt a large part of our house that had a disastrous water damage. I have never come across a contractor who is so organized, forward-thinking, detail-oriented and such a great communicator. A thorough gentleman whose expertise will set you at ease no matter how complicated your project might be. Highly recommend him and his crew.

    Here is Shahram's story:

    "In 1971, on a sizzling hot afternoon in Schenectady, N.Y., my boss walked into the house that we were renovating, saw the dried plaster on my plastering tools and shouted, “Is this the way you treat your mud pan?” His remarks cut through the 90 degrees heat, 100% humidity and caught my attention. This was my initiation to the concept of respect for the tools of the trade and for building materials.

    Over the following six years in Boston, I had the fortune of apprenticing and later doing Journey-level work under three other craftsmen from Ireland, Italy, and Greece. We restored several Federal and Queen Anne style homes in the Historic Beacon Hill District, converted a few carriage houses into apartments, and renovated several brownstones in the Back Bay, faithfully duplicating all of the original architectural features.

    Along with ingesting much dust and working long hours, reverence for the craft of building was honed into my bones – something that wasn’t taught in my university Greek Mythology and Art History courses – but provided a good stead in life.

    During my Journey years, I challenged myself to reproduce architectural features that were created by master craftsmen generations before. Every demolition operation revealed secrets of the original artisans. Woodworking became a passion and sculpting a vision.

    Working under an Italian Master plasterer, I learned how to mix and apply Venetian Plaster, an art that is now the province of major Italian manufacturers and a select few craftsmen.

    By the time I had finished college, faithful to the craftsmen whose objective was excellence, I was ready to seek mastery of construction on my own. After moving to the San Francisco Bay Area, I began contracting projects and leading a crew. Later, in 1987 I formed Trush Construction Company, a Sausalito-based general contractor and construction firm, specializing in building and renovating singularly unique luxury homes.

    Initially, my work in construction was a means to pay for my college expenses. Years of personal transformation culminated in the realization that crafts can start as a trade and evolve into a passion. I treat every home I build as a beautiful and unique work of art, constructed with a craftsman’s attention to detail, engineered to retain form and function, and meant to reflect the lifestyle of its owner.

    Over the years, I have received touching notes from the men on my crew, their spouses, and even crew members of subcontractors, expressing gratitude for having asked of them the same high standards that were asked of me earlier in my life.

    By now, those early masters in Boston have drifted away, but many revere the craft they left behind. Their passion continues through all of their disciples who, like myself, humbly took their guidance to heart." read more

  • Wen Gong is looking for a great College Counselor in Mountain View, CA
    Looking for a college counselor who can also help with SAT preparation and essay writing for a Junior in high school. Strong Math and Writing background is required. The ideal candidate would be a graduate of an Ivy league or top public school, have worked in both private and public college admission's office, and have proven record of successfully helping engineering-minded but sport-challenged students admitted into top public and private universities; he/she should be comfortable working remotely over Skype or Google Hangout. It is a plus if the candidate has an inspirational life story to share. read more

  • Wen Gong recommended AV Express Movers
    AV Express Movers helped us move small but sensitive furniture from Mountain View to Portola Valley. They were on time, polite, very careful, and responsible. There were a lot of stairs involved and not the best of road condition at the destination, yet they didn't make the slightest fuss. Had the job done quickly and left happily. https://www.yelp.com/biz/av-express-movers-palo-alto read more

  • Wen Gong is looking for a great plumber in Portola Valley, CA
    I am looking for a plumber who knows how to handle walls and floors to troubleshoot water leaks. Water is coming out in the basement when the toilet is flushed. read more

  • Wen Gong recommended Steelcore Builders
    The brothers who run the company have been in business for over 50 years. Shahram is a true gentleman whose thorough and timely communication, deep understanding of construction, and his passion for his work make it absolutely a pleasure to work with. Shahram's business partner and brother Petter has a structural engineering degree from Berkeley. They surround themselves with equally impressive and sensible subcontractors and a well-managed crew. Unlike my experience with any other contractors, when Shahram tells me a schedule, bar unexpected and unplanned events, he and his crew actually deliver on that schedule. If Shahram tells me he will give me an update today, no matter how his day turns out to be, I will be sure to receive a phone call or an email by the end of the day. At times I thought I was again working with an engineer from high-tech companies instead of a typical contractor. I have learned a tremendous amount of details about construction from Shahram, who is never tired or offended in explaining to me everything his crew is doing at the house. He draws diagrams, sends me links, and allows for my endless questions.

    As with anything dear to your heart, of course, you should always be on top of the most important things and not leave it to others' or the construction workers' discretion. Shahram's crew is very attentive, they listen and follow instructions without resorting to "I have to talk to my boss". Despite a nightmare from a series of discovery that unveiled a house full of water damage requiring nearly full house rebuilt, I had a surprisingly positive experience in an ultra-stressful construction project. read more