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  • Mary Yung is looking for a great Tile installer or contractor in South Lake Tahoe, CA
    I am looking for a licensed tile installer or contractor to remodel my condo in the Tahoe Keys. Please forward me any recommendations and I will greatly appreciate it. read more

  • Mary Yung recommended Mesa Rim Climbing & Fitness - Reno NV
    Mesa Rim is a fun climbing place for family. The staff there are really helpful and they also have a gym and offer a few yoga classes throughout the day. Stop by and check it out and you will be amazed by this facility. read more

  • Mary Yung recommended blanketblu, LLC
    Donna is truly an amazing massage therapist. She pinpoints on all the problem muscles that are sore. She is very professional and friendly. I have already referred her to my mother, sister and friends to see her. They all said that she is very detailed and felt so much better after their massages. read more

  • Mary Yung is looking for a great General Contractor in South Lake Tahoe, CA
    I'd like to remodel my 750 sqft condo. Including kitchen, bathroom, replace carpet with tile floor, and repaint the whole condo. read more

  • Mary Yung recommended GCO Carpet Outlet
    Stacey at GCO is extremely helpful with the carpet selections. They are great to work with and is a responsible store. Their carpet installer broke my mirror closet door during installation and they apologized and replaced the door for me. I highly recommend them. read more

  • Mary Yung recommended Cypress Dental
    Dr. Chen is a great dentist and he knows what he is doing. His practice is friendly and professional. read more