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  • Manuel Saelices recommended Commite Inc.
    They are great, talented and very smart people. Their current name is Z1 Digital Studio read more

  • Sundeep Kumar recommended Commite Inc.
    We have had the pleasure of working with Hector and the Commite team for about 7 months now. They are an incredible group of individuals with so much talent. Each team member contributes in their own way and Hector ensures that the work that is produced meets the highest quality standards. Aside from their code being phenomenal, they are organized, communicative, and dedicated to the work they do. Whether you need a firm to help with a short-term dev project or a partner that can help you grow as an organization, Commite is the firm you want to work with. read more

  • Ruben Martinez recommended Commite Inc.
    Commite helped us take on a massive project, building the platform for a corporate retreat for 4,000 people in NYC. It was a custom build that required a lot of attention to detail and creativity. There was no way that we could have handled the project on our own and they stepped in and Commite completed the project ahead of schedule. Our clients were extremely happy with the result of the project and I was pleased with how professional they are and how they can manage projects. I'm looking forward to working with them in the future and I highly recommend them! read more

  • Lorenzo Gil Sánchez recommended Commite Inc.
    I know Hector and the rest of the Commite team for a few years since they were my coworkers in the past. I can't think of a better company to help you converting your amazing idea to a tangible product ready to be used by your customers. They gather years of expertise on web development and product design and will be an invaluable help to crystallize your ideas. read more

  • Justin Maxwell recommended Commite Inc.
    We've been working with Héctor and Commite for nearly a year. They are fantastic. At first I was hesitant about putting so much responsibility in a team on the other side of the planet. However, Héctor works hard to bridge the time-zone gap with daily standups and thoughtful communication throughout his day. The work the team does is very requirements-driven. They do everything by the book and to the detail specified in our product documents. Their skills range from front-end to back-end, and Héctor himself has thrown in UX and UI design skills in our agent-facing products as well. read more

  • Mario Tarabbia recommended Commite Inc.
    I've had the pleasure of working with Hector (and the commite development firm) for about 18 months. We continue to work together in an ongoing format. They are professional, patient, and experienced. They truly invest in their projects and have gone above and beyond with me and my team to ensure success. They also have a very wide range of skills which allows them to be multi-functional in the areas where it really counts. I have been able to consolidate core parts of my business and Hector acts as the lead for the project requirements, time lines, organization, and deliverables. I have no concerns with the team and would recommend Hector to anyone looking for these expertise. read more

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  • Aaron Lee recommended Commite Inc.
    We have been working with Commite for a while and their team is amazing. They handle design, prototyping, implementation as well as infrastructure on deploying your idea/project to production. Super friendly and easy to work with. Very impressed by their coding quality and focus on building easy to test and extend codebase. Highly recommended! read more