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  • Andy Pflaum is looking for a great bike repair and fitting in Palo Alto, CA
    I'm looking for 2 things related to bikes, hopefully via the same provider in the Palo Alto/Menlo Park/Mountain View areas:
    (a) Fitting for my road bike. I'm just getting back into riding and want to avoid getting injured :-)
    (b) Bike tuneup for my road & mountain bikes. I used to use Mikes Bikes in Palo Alto but they've moved farther away than I care to travel. I consider this latter task less important than fitting, so if there's a shop that does great bike fitting, then I'm happy to also use them for bike tuneups read more

  • Andy Pflaum recommended Competitive Edge Physical Therapy
    For athletes of any experiencing needing PT -- and particularly for stride/gait analysis -- I recommend Kevin Vandi at Competitive EDGE PT in San Jose, http://www.compedgept.com/running-analysis.html As part of a ~1 hour gait analysis session he'll show you views of your stride & mechanics via video & software, and make recommendations. He works with a lot of runners, from joggers to ultramarathoners (as well as cyclists, and he's also a PT for the SJ Earthquakes soccer team). I've found him great at listening providing relevant exercises. read more