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    German Motor Specialist is an auto mechanic for BMW, Mini, and Audi. In the front room, I have known Paul Pizano and the owner Said for 9 years. I have known Jason for about 4 years. These people are BMW experts down cold. They are more than that: they are pragmatic, practical and honest. You never walk out of there with repairs you don't need. In fact, I am maintaining a 2006 BMW 330Ci ZHP at probably uneconomically high standards. So a few times they have advised me that repairs I have wanted and authorized were not repairs that were priority or necessary repairs, or even repairs they recommended as things they would do on their families' cars. That's how frank they are. In other cases where the local dealership was quoting like $1,000 for a new radio, they just told me to get on eBay and find a replacement radio and they would install it for me. All-in cost was less than $400 and it's good-as-new. A dealership would never do that for you. I am loyal to these guys because they have earned it. Experience, expertise, judgement, precision, and honesty, all at reasonable prices. I recommend German Auto Specialist for BMW, Mini, and Audi maintenance and repair. read more

  • Michael Culver recommended Vavrinek, Trine, Day & Co., LLP
    Richard is a good tax adviser for Silicon Valley employees or executives with Silicon Valley issues like stock options and executive compensation. He is familiar and experienced with the range of issues and problems that arise with typical employees and executives here. He is good at spotting the issues and working out the scenarios to help plan for what to do not only this year but also for the next couple tax years. With me, because I asked him, he used his software to print different tax projections based on AMT consequences of different stock option exercise scenarios that I gave him. He's a straightforward honest guy, who's easy to work with and gets it done right and on time. read more