The best profile page for small business. Free.

Recommended is the first to connect small businesses, freelancers, and individual professionals with their customers’ social networks.

How it works

A mobile and SEO-optimized business profile page — for free

What Facebook did for the personal homepage and Amazon did for E-Commerce didn’t exist for small business — until now. Fully SEO- and mobile-optimized by us, to help clients easily find and contact you.

Build your client base with real recommendations

When your clients use their real names to recommend you, other people — potential customers — find them up to 10x more trustworthy. We authenticate their identities with their social logins.

Recommendations that reach your clients’ social connections

People trust those they know, across social networks, neighborhoods, mailing lists, and messages. But there's never been a single platform that can offer it all. It's the best way to reach your clients’ extended connections.

Free features

How are we different?


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No anonymous reviews

Everyone uses their real identity here, linked to their social network accounts.

No middleman, no fees

We don't get between you and your customers, and we don't take a cut, either.

Quality, not quantity

Customers don't want all the pros - they want the good ones. That's our focus.

No competitors on your profile

Your profile exists for you — not for us to show ads and upsell for competitors who pay more.

You own your recommendations

Our easy-to-use embeddable widget shows all the great things your customers say, on your website.

You don't need to buy ads

Customers say great things about you, and other people see that. Reputation, not paying for leads.

No referral/lead-gen fees

Potential customers find you based on their social connections. We don't get in the middle.

Let's create your profile

On the first professional network for small business and independent professionals

Built on social networks

Easily connect and engage with your customers and their friends, family, neighbors, and coworkers.

For the cream of the crop

Your great reputation, supercharged by social networking. We help the best shine brighter and reach further.

Real names, real people

All real people, no anonymous names, no fake reviews. Every user's identity is authenticated with a social login.