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  • Loretta Hui recommended Wandering Vet
    Dr. Adam has been my cat's vet for years. He's a mobile vet and perform looks after my cat at the comfort of my own home. My cat is both shy and had bad experiences at vet offices so this is perfect for him. Dr. Adam can perform most services. The only time he referred me out was when he needed him to get some ultrasound done. After each visit, he can typically provide blood work analysis within 24-48 hours. Whenever I email him, he typically responds within 10 minutes. Highly recommend him. His rating on Yelp is through the roof. read more

  • Loretta Hui recommended Stanford Eye Laser Center
    Got my LASIK through Dr. Manche from Stanford a few years ago. He was expensive but worth every penny. He also did LASIK for a few of my coworkers. The office is extremely professional, and no wait time whenever I have to visit. He's definitely one of the best in the field but also very personable. The actual procedure only took 5-10 minutes. He was extremely fast and in control every second. The recovery time was also very fast. I spoke to a few people about this, some went to Dr. Manche and some didn't. This coworker that went to this place in LA ended up with severe dry eye. After hearing that, I rather just go for the best if I were to do LASIK. There's free follow ups so he really took time to made sure there is no complication whatsoever. read more

  • Loretta Hui recommended New Wave Financial Services
    We contacted Greg for simple tax services, but we like him so much that we keep talking to him about everything – overall finances, retirement outlook, new job offer packages, etc. He has been able to give useful information every time. Because of him, we are more aware that we lack diversification in our overall portfolio, what our expenses would look like if we were to have a kid, how old we do need to work till until we can retire, etc. He's really easy to talk to, with an added bonus that all the interactions happened via Hangouts and email! So convenient. read more