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  • Garrett Smallwood recommended Cyclepath of San Mateo
    There are a lot of bike shops in the Bay Area.

    I view shops on a spectrum of Performance Bike - Mike's Bikes - Summit - Specialty.

    Cyclepath sits perfectly between Summit and Specialty. You can drop $10,000 on a bike, but you can also drop $2,000. The maintenance service isn't an arm and a leg and if you don't actually need service, they'll let you know.

    The owner, Arkady, is an ex-olympic Russian cycling legend and treats cycling how it should be, with a meticulous attention to form, gear, and workout regimen.

    During my last triathlon I had Arkady fit me on my tri-bike, which was over an hour and a half long. Not only did my bike feel 50% better on my next long ride, but Arkady fit out numerous components, from the stem to the angle of my pedals on my shoes, to maximize comfort and watts -- absolutely world class experience. read more

  • Garrett Smallwood recommended Ideal Eyes Optometry & Eyewear
    Ideal eyes helped me with an extremely similar problem.

    Dr. Surh is outstanding -- incredibly attentive and knowledgeable. My new prescription has been life changing. read more

  • Garrett Smallwood recommended Level Construction
    David and his team are fantastic.

    They are timely, experienced, and have phenomenal references. He's done everything from bathroom to kitchens to full second and third story additions.

    I can't recommend him and his team enough. read more