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When it comes to Building the Design Specifications, We are Tenacious…The SteelCore Builders crew and management have been building structural concrete and strengthening since 1987. Due to our firm’s extensive engineering expertise and exceptional reputation, we are often retained to undertake very difficult and complex projects. Our continuous research and testing of new building materials and technologies enable us to address unique situations that other firms cannot.Peter Ghodsian (President and Project Manager) understands the challenges and constraints that structural engineers face. His Masters in Construction Engineering and Management from UC Berkeley and more than thirty years managing construction projects enables him to comprehend the requirements of even the most complex structures. Peter is on-site for every project. He ensures that SteelCore employs the highest standard of workmanship to achieve the design intent.Shahram Ghodsian (Vice President and Project Manager) believes in handcrafting one construction project at a time. He brings a deep understanding of state-of-the-art building technology as well as materials and their characteristics to every project. His more than thirty years in the construction industry, including fifteen years “hands on” in the field, enables SteelCore Builders to take on difficult and complex projects that require unique skills and engineering knowledge. Read more
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Soft Story Seismic Upgrade – 19th Street
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Soft Story Seismic Upgrade – 15th Street
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9-Unit Condominium Building 2
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    The brothers who run the company have been in business for over 50 years. Shahram is a true gentleman whose thorough and timely communication, deep understanding of construction, and his passion for his work make it absolutely a pleasure to work with. Shahram's business partner and brother Petter has a structural engineering degree from Berkeley. They surround themselves with equally impressive and sensible subcontractors and a well-managed crew. Unlike my experience with any other contractors, when Shahram tells me a schedule, bar unexpected and unplanned events, he and his crew actually deliver on that schedule. If Shahram tells me he will give me an update today, no matter how his day turns out to be, I will be sure to receive a phone call or an email by the end of the day. At times I thought I was again working with an engineer from high-tech companies instead of a typical contractor. I have learned a tremendous amount of details about construction from Shahram, who is never tired or offended in explaining to me everything his crew is doing at the house. He draws diagrams, sends me links, and allows for my endless questions.

    As with anything dear to your heart, of course, you should always be on top of the most important things and not leave it to others' or the construction workers' discretion. Shahram's crew is very attentive, they listen and follow instructions without resorting to "I have to talk to my boss". Despite a nightmare from a series of discovery that unveiled a house full of water damage requiring nearly full house rebuilt, I had a surprisingly positive experience in an ultra-stressful construction project.

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    We are so glad we selected the Trush / Steelcore Builders team to perform our seismic retrofit on our HOA building. My co-board member knew right away that Trush was the right contractor for our structural project after her first phone conversation with Shahram. When I first met Shahram for our on-site walk-through and plan review, I instantly knew what she meant; Shahram was very communicative, had a knack for explaining things, and was very easy to work with to establish a project phasing plan to minimize impact on the residents.
    Shahram made the project appear effortless to manage although I'm sure he likely dealt with hundreds of emails and phone calls to keep the project moving smoothly. Yet, he managed to keep us completely informed on project status and issues and were always very responsive to issues that we brought up. After our initial meeting, I believe every correspondence was over email without need to escalate to a chain of telephone conference calls. I think this is a testament to how well he communicated and quite amazing considering the scope of the project and some of the issues we faced.

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