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With many great colleagues, I helped build the world's largest platform for freelance talent ($1B in annual billings, Upwork); a leading VMS for global enterprises and their suppliers ($5B in annual transactions, now part of IBM); a strategy and operations consulting business (now part of Capgemini Consulting). Today I spend most of my time helping other entrepreneurs and CEOs build their businesses. Read more
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    Fabio is not a simply an investor in good ideas, he's clearly an equal member of our team. Even on our initial meeting where we went on a long walk discussing product vision and getting to know each other, we went into brainstorming mode for where the product could go and what the company could become. Working with him for the past few months has pushed us to think bigger and more clearly, getting our heads out of the features and value propositions and more into the trajectory and mission.

    I find that every time we discuss product — collaborate — with Fabio, we come out of the session invigorated, enthusiastic, and more focused on our goals as a company. Much of that is due to his inquisitive and non-confrontational style. Despite being tremendously successful in business, he never tells us what we are doing is right or wrong, only cites his own experience and asks us to evaluate whether or not that might apply to our situation. The conversations could be about the interaction design of our profile pages or the way we present our narrative to investors — at both levels he approaches the conversation as a collaborative mentor. We are truly fortunate to have him on board.

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    It's been an absolute pleasure working with Fabio. In particular, he's amazing in the following areas:

    1. Great Judgement: focus on a few things that are critical at the current stage of the company and filter out the noise. Knowing what _not_ to work on is as important as what to work on. "To Focus on Everything is to Focus on Nothing!", Fabio is great at reminding us to focus on the bullseye.

    2. Style: talking to Fabio always feels like you are collaborating and working together to solve problems. It's good to have a cheerleader, but you also want to have honest discussions with a high degree of transparency and directness.

    3. Coaching and mentoring: Fabio is a great listener, always ask questions and pose challenges. He won't tell you "don't do this" but instead he'd tell you this is something he tried in the past and these were the issues.

    Highly recommended for any entrepreneurs who are looking for a great advisor/mentor/board member!

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    Jonathan Diller

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    Fabio has been my mentor, partner, coach, boss and friend for a little more than a decade. He is a true leader who genuinely cares about the people around him. He takes the time to invest in them, always challenging them to become better, which not only makes them achieve more than they thought possible, it engenders true loyalty that simply cannot be bought. He has had a huge impact on me both personally and professionally.

    Fabio is every bit the man that you want in charge. He inspires and makes everyone around him believe in the mission...proud to be a part of the team. He is a master strategist with the unique ability to both articulate the vision clearly and orchestrate the team to execute with operational excellence. And he does it from a point of true credibility by maintaining a strong command over all aspects of the business. No detail escapes him. Again and again, I’ve witnessed Fabio navigate through minefields of complex problems, always seeming to identify the simplest and most elegant solution. His intuition always seemed to be spot on. He also extracts the best from his team through a relentless pursuit of perfection. Always questioning, always challenging, always encouraging.

    I have the utmost respect for Fabio and am grateful for the time he invested in me. It has been a true honor to work with and for him all these years.

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    Stephane Kasriel

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    I've had the rare privilege of working with Fabio first as a tremendous competitor, then as an impressive deal maker during the Elance - oDesk merger and finally as an amazing manager after the merger. Wherever he goes next, he's a man you want on your side, not as a competitor.

    As a CEO, Fabio has a great mix of:
    - The Brain: Product & business strategy, an amazing understanding of the business and the dynamics of the industry ; deal-making skills ; analytical and creative thinking
    - The Heart: A values-driven leadership style that make his team members incredibly loyal (a significant number of Elancers have been at the company for 5+ years, a rare feat in Silicon Valley that can be attributed to Fabio's ability to create such loyalty)
    - The Compass: knowing when to persist and when to "pivot". There were tons of very complex considerations in the merger of Elance with oDesk, and most outsiders predicted that such a merger would be impossible to pull off. Fabio's compass allowed him to make the right decisions, avoiding dead ends and landing us in a great place.

    I know everyone here will be watching very closely what Fabio does next. People will miss him but everyone wishes him well.

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