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  • Justin Maxwell recommended The Key
    Martha was critical to Mint.com's success. But let's back up.

    Before I met Martha, my experience with PR was essentially that you hire a person or firm to broadcast your product, feature, message, angle, story, etc., to the right journalists. You were paying for placement of your story in the media. Our PR at Apple was to shape and spin the story, coordinate the release of information and the influence it had. Our marketing team, not PR, ran the show — strategy, message, even the ordering of product features on a box.

    What Martha brought to Mint was a focus on that second component — product and messaging strategy, paired with the channels to release it on, timing in doing so, and coordination of product development to meet the message. Working with her reshaped my expectations for PR to consider "getting people to know about and use your product" is an essential part of a user journey. How and where they hear about it influences what they will expect when they use it, who they will tell about it, and how much leniency they'll grant your product in the early days.

    I left our collaboration on Mint knowing that not only was Martha the best PR i'd ever worked with or seen in action, but also she had reshaped my understanding for how PR (on a product that meets user need) can be an integral part of ongoing product growth. In 2017 with a business of my own now, when it came time for us to reach out to PR, she was the only person we even reached out to — why would we? :) read more

  • Aaron Patzer recommended The Key
    Martha is responsible for a big portion of Mint.com's success. In the two years from launch in Sep 2007 to acquisition 2009, she helped me book and prep for over 500 interviews.

    I traveled with Martha to New York, DC and elsewhere a dozen times, where she took responsibility for the Mint pitch nearly as much as I did.

    Martha is one of the few PR people who is actually smart: she understands what makes your business unique, knows how to simplify it into a better pitch than you do, and can communicate your message even when you're not around.

    I worked with Martha extensively at Intuit after the Mint acquisition, again when I started and sold Fountain.com, and will basically use her as my PR person for life. I can't speak highly enough. read more

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