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  • Michelle Hurtado recommended Forever Smiles Pediatric Dentistry
    This new pediatric dentist is mountain view is clean and incredibly friendly and educational to go the extra mile! read more

  • Michelle Hurtado recommended Urbanite | Suburbanite
    Paul was fantastic at getting my needs (he has kids too!) and worked in a way very convenient for me (ie Pinning clothes I could buy online, coming to my house, and setting up a ton of outfits that has me set for a year!). So friendly. read more

  • Michelle Hurtado recommended Claudia Nolte & Lourdes Nunez
    All my kids were with Claudia and Lourdes through the age of 2 in Claudia's home daycare. They adore them - both ways. Incredibly loving and calm. Claudia's English is perfect but they help the kids learn Spanish first. And they will babysit on the side as I need, which is so appreciated. I bet knowing it's a referral from me, Claudia would babysit for you too (and Lourdes would if you're comfortable with your kid listening in Spanish - Lourdes understands English well but is a nervous speaker). read more

  • Michelle Hurtado recommended Elsa Bravo
    Elsa and her consistent team are reliable and do a thorough job, including extras from time to time (ie refrigerator and folding laundry). She's a friendly person too! read more

  • Michelle Hurtado recommended Silvia Garcia
    Silvia has been teaching my daughter in a Spanish class and is excellent at reinforcing concepts in a way that has finally gotten my daughter to speak (not only understand) Spanish! read more

  • Michelle Hurtado recommended Intero
    Christina is a personal friend who entered real estate recently and has been immediately quite successful (rookie of the year award for Intero last year and now in top 10). She has a Harvard MBA and is very strategic about making trade-offs to help homeowners. read more

  • Michelle Hurtado recommended In The Deets
    I've visited Gita's home and it's gorgeously decorated with reasonably priced decor. She got into the business after friends noticed her natural sense, though she's also educated in institutional design. She's down to earth so decorates with a family sensibility if needed. And she will also project manage construction work, which I've found to be a real need! read more

  • Michelle Hurtado recommended PAMF
    Dr. Garona is highly experienced, down to earth and responsive. He's thorough, will spend the time as needed with you, but also keep you calm! He's also so sweet with the kids. read more

  • Michelle Hurtado recommended Reyscapes
    Carlos has been extremely reliable for several years. He picks up extra work for me that I didn't expect as a conventional gardener, including new planting, new hardscapes, installing grass, leveling backyards, etc. But to boot, he gives great advice! He can be a bit slower on email but will show up every time you make an appointment and ensures the work is good. His crew is also extremely consistent and friendly! read more

  • Michelle Hurtado recommended R&R Handywork
    Alec is in semi-retirement from full construction work, but continues doing handy work to keep things interesting. He's available, responsive, experienced and fair. read more