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  • Aaron Lee recommended Simple Bit Design
    We worked with Craig for 5 months and it was a great experience. He's a designer with good frontend knowledge to know what is great and easy to implement vs difficult and takes too long but only 2% better.

    He's easy to communicate, willing to listen to feedback and one of the things I really appreciate was his accommodation to adjust to our time zone so that we could have a real-time chat.

    His design is clean and beautiful, you can check out his work and it's very user-friendly. Highly recommended! read more

  • Justin Maxwell recommended Simple Bit Design
    We've been following Craig's work since he announced his agency departure for a life of nomadic freelance design, living on the slopes of Whistler. When we had the chance to finally work with him, we jumped.

    Craig honestly redefined our expectations for remote design. From day one (maybe day two), he was a part of our team. He participated more in our Slack team than some of our own engineers — he quickly dove into product decisions, conversations, etc. He moved at the pace of our own process, quickly adapting to the tools we used and the ways we made decisions.

    When it came to his actual work, Craig was like a kid with a bunch of legos (legos being our bootstrap design system). He'd throw together multiple versions of things in minutes, removing his ego from the process and just getting conversation going about the options and advantages/disadvantages of each.

    Craig gets our absolute highest recommendation and we'd be thrilled to work with him again. We only parted ways because he took a full-time role. But the moment we can steal him back, we will. read more

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