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    This is not your normal dentist. John really really cares about your dental health. He isn't going to skip the details. He is going to work with you to help your achieve your dental health goals. Think of him more like a personal trainer for your teeth. I love his approach and the results are great!


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    Dr. Burkholder is the first dentist I've had in decades of the "going to the dentist" routine who approaches dentistry as an ongoing coaching and betterment relationship. Prior to this, all my dentists had been reactive, cleaning up the problems, a slap on the wrist for missing a spot with floss, and out the door you go. My criteria for "a good dentist" was one who had the best chairside manner, best/modern equipment, best precision with the work itself and manner in which it was conducted, etc. And that's great, in that time I had some good dentists who did quality work. That is probably what most of you have experienced as well with your dentists.

    Dr. Burkholder instead approaches dental care as a forward-thinking, preventative practice. In covering the previously-mentioned areas, he and his team (Charmain, Vivian, and Farideh) are outstanding — so just being on par with what other dentists can provide, they would get a high recommendation. However, in focusing on optimal dental and gum health, they go above and beyond, creating action plans for their patients involving home cleaning routines other dentists would not mention, preventative resins to prevent the cavities from even developing, identifying areas the patients may be missing in their existing routines and how to remedy them, etc. I could go on forever. As Dr. Burkholder told me today, "we're not here to be judgmental, we're here to coach you."

    I found Dr. Burkholder because another friend of mine recommended him in a comment on Strava, saying similarly...that he was the best dentist he'd ever met and had been going there for years.

    The point is that I would describe Dr. Burkholder's team as more of the dental equivalent of a personal trainer + nutritionist + coach + doctor all in one. Absolutely the best dental team I've ever encountered and I have since recommended them to everyone I know!

    Thanks Justin (should be in caps)
    You get what me and my Team aim to do...
    I FWD your comments to Farideh, Chatmain and Vivian
    Together we aim to make a difference in out Patients/Clients lives
    We are not in the "dental business"...
    We are in the quality of life business for those we are fortunate to serve.
    Joel J.

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    This is where you go if you want the best, most professional dentist and staff in the area. Before coming to Dr. Burkholder I had been to multiple other dentists over time so I can tell the difference. Dr. Burkholder's approach to his patients is consultative, positive, and based on a clear foundation of expertise. ... Dr. Burkholder and team get to know you and care about you, and there is never a doubt that they are using the best equipment and the highest skill and advice to keep your teeth healthy. ...

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    Julee B.

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    I was referred to Dr. Burkholder from my employer about 4 years ago. This is by far the best dentist I have been to. I have super high anxiety in regards to dental work, and Dr. Burkholder as well as his staff have been more than wonderful and amazing in the way they handle my dental fears.

    His work is phenomenal and it appears he uses the most up-to-date materials and technolgy. I had 14 mercury fillings removed and he filled them with material (porcelain I believe). My teeth look amazing and I have had no negative side effects or complications nor did I feel any pain during the procedures. ...

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    Charles Beeler

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    Dr. John Burkholder has been our family dentist for ten years (as of 2010) and we have been thrilled with the results. He has a fantastic staff of people working with him and keeps current on new technology and procedures. He combines this with his decades of experience to provide the best dental care my wife and I have ever experienced. Top it off with a friendly personality from someone who instantly gives you confidence in his abilities and you will be comfortable trusting your dental health to him.

    We also take our two kids to Dr. Burkholder and would recommend him very highly for children. Visits to the dentists office have never been met with fear or trepidation by the kids because he and his staff are friendly and warm, and somehow manage to make the dentist appointments something they don't mind at all (or even look forward to when they get to show off a loose tooth).

    We cannot recommend him highly enough.

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