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    Sean Caetano Martin
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  • Patrick Manning recommended Recommended
    I am writer for the past 10 years. I completed my Bachelors Degree in Software Engineering from NY University. I have written for prestigious like perfect essay writing websites and my work has been recognized worldwide. read more

  • Sean Martin recommended California Ave Optometry
    I had a great experience with Dr. Baggett, he made me feel very comfortable as he explained every part of the exam. I'm very confident in his diagnose. Jennifer helped me out, she was extremely nice, to the point of helping me choose a new set of frames and explaining me how my insurance coverage applies. I couldn't be happier with my experience. read more

  • Sean Martin recommended William Hester
    I love this guy, first ever intern I've seen come into the workplace ready to tackle any challenge, and tackle it well. I'm very glad to see William advance in his career and I'd never refuse a chance to work with him again. read more

  • Joey Cordes recommended Recommended
    Sean is an excellent engineer and human being. Have worked with hime before on multiple projects. Highly recommended 👍 💯 read more

  • Sean Martin recommended Ian L.
    I can confirm that Ian is someone who does things, furthermore, he does them well. 10/10 would recommend any day. read more

  • Ian Langworth recommended Recommended
    Sean is an amazing engineer. His hard work and dedication to his craft is heralded among his friends and colleagues. read more

  • Adam Woodbury recommended Recommended
    I worked with Sean at a previous job where we were both software engineers - he knows how to get things done and I learned a lot from him during that time. read more

  • Jefferey Petersen recommended Recommended
    Sean is an expert web developer. He excels at making beautiful web pages that look good on all browsers. I attached a screenshot os some of his work. read more

  • Sophia Caetano Martin recommended Recommended
    Sean is a dedicated and focused professional. He gives everything he has to accomplish what is desired by his clients. read more

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  • Sean Martin recommended Foster City Dental Care
    Dr Imani is very understanding and willing to work with your needs and limitations. I've gotten two root canals done with her and both times the service was great and the procedure went without hiccups. The rest of the staff is super friendly and excited to welcome new patients. Highly recommended in my book! read more

  • Sean Martin recommended Ulrich, Severien & Associados - Sociedade de Advogados, RL
    Sophia is a great lawyer, from handling the legal requirements for small startups to Civil and Administrative law, she knows what she is doing. If you are looking for a lawyer in Portugal, you should give her a call. read more

  • Sean Martin recommended Godspeed Tattoo
    Nick did an awesome job turning my ideas into an awesome sleeve. I'd recommend Nick to anyone looking into getting a tattoo or just looking to learn more about them. Nick works by appointment only. Godspeed is a super clean and professional tattoo studio, everyone that works there is respectable and on top of their game. read more

  • Sean Martin recommended Val Pryor
    I had a really great experience with Val. He was very friendly, made workouts specific for my current shape and end goals. The best part for me is that Val works with you every workout, does the same exercises, and makes it feel like it's just another gym session with your friends. read more