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  • Lorenzo Gil Sánchez recommended Juanje Ojeda
    Juanje is doing an amazing job to recover a lot of people that spend too much time sitting in an office. He explains why moving your body is very good for your health and how you should fight your static life. He has a very informative blog and recently he created a guide that you should definitely read if you care about your own health. read more

  • Lorenzo Gil Sánchez is looking for a great Optometrist in San Mateo, CA
    I'm looking for an Optometrist/Ophthalmologist that can help me with one of my eyes. It's becoming lazier and at the end of the day I kind of cross it sometimes. I haven't gone to any optometrist since I move here 3.5 years ago so it's time to start doing my revisions. Can you help find a good doctor for this? read more

  • Lorenzo Gil Sánchez is looking for a great Pediatric dentist in San Mateo, CA
    Dani, my son, is almost 2 and half years old and he never been to a dentist before. As it's time to start doing it, I need a recommendation for a friendly dentist for kids. read more

  • Lorenzo Gil Sánchez recommended Commite Inc.
    I know Hector and the rest of the Commite team for a few years since they were my coworkers in the past. I can't think of a better company to help you converting your amazing idea to a tangible product ready to be used by your customers. They gather years of expertise on web development and product design and will be an invaluable help to crystallize your ideas. read more

  • Lorenzo Gil Sánchez recommended At The Shop Auto Repair
    Nick helped me with my second hand Prius in a couple of situations. He solved a hard issue with the electronic key that was making the car start system very unpredictable and he did it much cheaper than in the official Toyota repair house. He also helped me choose good tires when the ones the car had were totally exhausted. I don't know much about cars but I know I can give Nick a call and he will help me promptly. read more