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  • Mark Dadgar recommended L Cornejo Tree Service
    I've used L Cornejo for multiple big tree and stump removals and they do good fast work at a fair price. read more

  • Mark Dadgar recommended Sousa's Garage Doors
    Sousa's did the garage doors and openers when we built our house 3 years ago and they did a very nice job. Their after-sales support has been good, too. read more

  • Mark Dadgar recommended Studio D, LLC
    I can not recommend Toni DeWaal highly enough. She has done two houses for us and I would never attempt a real estate project without her. She's smart, efficient, organized, possessed of exceptional taste, and just plain fun to work with. She's also crazy detail-oriented, exactly what I want in an interior designer. read more

  • Mark Dadgar recommended A1 Transfer Moving & Storage
    So I live down here in the Campbell area and I've used A1 Transfer 4 times in the last decade even though they are based in SF. Really great moving company, careful conscientious staff, and they actually show up and move things when they are supposed to. I recommend them highly! read more

  • Mark Dadgar recommended A1 Transfer Moving & Storage
    We have used A1 Transfer for 4 moves over the past decade+ and they've been fantastic every time. Reasonable pricing, competent people, and friendly and accommodating staff. Recommended. read more

  • Mark Dadgar recommended Dr. Margaret S. Cheng, MD
    Do you have Kaiser? Margaret Cheng is amazing. She'd be my first choice for knee issues. read more

  • Mark Dadgar recommended Tall West
    I worked with Brad for 2 years while I was at a cloud startup in Palo Alto and I really enjoyed him as a collaboration partner. He has a little design consultancy in SF, and he’s just coming off a big client project that he’s been doing for a while, so the timing might work out. He's the first person I thought of when I saw this request.

    Brad was the second designer at Square early on and lead design for most of their projects for a few years. After leaving there he did stuff for Airbnb, Target, Facebook, ESPN and a bunch of other smaller startups in the bay area. I don’t think he has a website or online portfolio anywhere right now. I couldn’t find one, but you should reach out and see if something might work out.

    Brad is easily one of the best people I've worked with in my startup career. He's professional, collaborative, and insightful, as well as being funny, diplomatic, and creative. He's adept at navigating difficult internal company politics with aplomb and can magically produce craft out of chaos. I keep his info in my back pocket for some of the startups I work with.

    Two thumbs up. read more

  • Mark Dadgar recommended Studio D, LLC
    We originally hired Toni to do some simple color coordination during a massive house remodel we undertook about 10 years ago. We wanted to prevent the "six rooms from six different houses" debacle but it quickly became apparent that we needed her for much, much more than that. Toni's work exceeded our expectations in every way. We regularly got comments on how beautiful the house is and that's all Toni.

    For our second house, we got Toni involved during the architecture phase and I can honestly say that she was the difference between building a good house and building a GREAT house. The end result is spectacular and we could not have done it without her.

    It's safe to say that she will be the first vendor involved in ANY future real estate projects we undertake. Her encyclopedic knowledge of design is second only to her amazing good taste and she was diligent in understanding what we liked and how we wanted to use the houses. She's organized, efficient, creative, responsive, and just all-around fun to work with. Both of the houses are Craftsman, so you can imagine my surprise when she showed us photos from her portfolio that were equally beautiful yet done in wildly different styles.

    I cannot recommend Toni highly enough - she is one of the true masters in the art of interior design and we are always looking for excuses for another opportunity to work with her read more

  • Mark Dadgar recommended Bay Area Wire Guy
    James and his team did a great job cleaning up my low-voltage panel and running a new data line out to my patio. They were efficient, worked me into their schedule quickly, and their attention to detail was fantastic. read more

  • Justin Maxwell recommended Innovect
    Mark was the first "startup guy" at our company who knew how to Get Shit Done™ when he joined Upthere. He took care of every niche was covered — everything from marketing to server maintenance to getting the team out for social events. He knows how small teams work, how to organize, and how to work with...difficult personalities. Mark got our JIRA set up properly, greased the wheels between design and management, and kept a smile through the craziness.

    As a automotive enthusiast and early Apple employee, he's brought that same valley savviness to his passions as well. He is a person to turn to for getting business going here. He knows people...and those people know people. He knows how to connect the dots and can advise on the strategies to do so. read more