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  • Katie Cross recommended Katie Cross
    Katie did great design work for me! read more

  • Katie Cross recommended Katie Cross
    Her interview style is relaxed and casual. She put me right at ease. With a bit more practice, I am sure she will excel. read more

  • Katie Cross recommended Estelle Stella
    She is a wonderful stylist. Estelle has been cutting and coloring my hair for years. I recommend her for all styling needs. read more

  • Katie Cross recommended Katherine Cross
    Her kids are great. She must be a good mother. read more

  • Katie Cross recommended Thompson Design
    We are in the process of working with Alex to redo the facade of our house. He is well suited to do this complicated job which we are doing with our upstairs neighbors. Because of all the parties involved, we need an architect who will communicate very clearly and make sure we are all on the same page. Alex has done a great job leading us through the design process and I am glad he will be helping us through the construction as well. read more

  • Katie Cross recommended ABC Chauffeured Limousines
    Don't ever use this service. Once, I got a driver from the airport who was drunk! Scariest drive ever. read more

  • Katie Cross recommended Halstead Property
    I heard Abby is awesome! My friend, who just moved to Brooklyn, used Abby to find her new house. It is a beautiful brownstone and Abby brokered a great deal for her. I know of another family that rented a great Williamsburg flat through Abby. She is so lively and really on the ball. I highly recommend her! read more

  • Katie Cross recommended Bronwen Williams Bodywork
    Bronwen has a wonderfully calm and healing presence. I experienced craniosacral massage for the first time with her to treat my chronic lower back pain. Though the method is subtle, I found myself so relaxed and pain free afterwards. I have also done traditional massage with her and a session with Bronwen always leaves me feeling so much better. I highly recommend her. read more

  • Katie Cross recommended Umé Acupuncture & Integrative Medicine
    I sincerely attribute the health I have to the care I have received from Dr. Christine Chung. Her depth of knowledge and skill in acupuncture and the use of herbs is unparalleled in my experience. Her compassion is boundless. read more

  • Katie Cross recommended Pretty Parlor
    Laura is an amazing stylist. She showed me how to make my curly hair look great after a life of wishing it was straight. She really knows how to cut and color hair in a way that enhances her client's own style. She is especially adapt at color. And, she is a lovely person to chat with while she works! read more

  • Katie Cross recommended Alicia Coombes
    Alicia is great for occasional cleaning service. She is not available on a weekly/bi-weekly basis but is often able to fit you in within a week. I used her about once a month. She is very sweet and accommodating. She charges only $20 hr. I used her more as a supplementary cleaner when I was doing my own cleaning. read more

  • Katie Cross recommended Eva Cordova
    Eva is a very detail oriented cleaner. She works with one other person and speaks limited English (Spanish is her native language). Our three bedroom apartment took her about three hours to clean. She charged $50 hour. Though she was very thorough, I found her a bit expensive. She insists on coming bi-weekly. She came highly recommended from a friend who has used her for over ten years and is very trustworthy. read more

  • Katie Cross recommended Action Auto Care
    Robert at Action Auto is extremely friendly and honest. He will tell you what is going on with your car and give you different options for fixing it: a quick cheap fix or a full overhaul. He can do it all! read more