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    I suffered from a condition called RCE, recurring corneal erosion, combined with dry eyes, RCE causes intense pain (to the tune of several times a night) and extremely blurry vision upon awakening. Hesitant to getting a surgery, I tried all of the suggested non-invasive treatments, but none of which was completely effective. When my ophthalmologist finally suggested PTK (similar to LASIK/PRK) as the definitive treatment, I consulted all of my physician friends and relatives, and Dr. Manche was overwhelmingly recommended by everyone I have spoken with. The actual procedure only took several minutes, and Dr. Manche's bedside manner was both cordial and calm, which put me at ease. The procedure was a complete success and the recovery was largely painless, contrary to some of the horror stories I read from the web on other providers. Living a few days with super blurry vision makes one appreciate the importance of eyesight, an obvious fact that many of us take for granted and therefore fail to properly take care of our vision. I would strongly recommend Dr. Manche for any type of corneal/LASIK procedures. read more