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  • Joelle Yates recommended Steve Kugler
    Steve works as a foreman for a local siding company but is always willing to pick up side-jobs for weekend work. He can do anything from replacing siding to building you a deck! read more

  • Joelle Yates recommended Sartain's Sassy Stitches
    Angela's dolls are so unique! She made a walker doll from The Walking Dead for my son and a custom princess doll for my daughter that looks just like her!! She does an incredible job and I will be placing another order soon! read more

  • Justin Maxwell recommended Smith.ai
    Joelle has been the friendly face of my business for over half a year now. When I can't get to the phone, she does, and she's far better at handling the calls and keeping them under control than I have ever been. She's incredibly organized, personable and unexpectedly funny — not something we anticipated but are very thankful she is! Her organizational and leadership skills quickly helped her become a product specialist and lead receptionist, able to not only be the face of our company but also lead its growth. Joelle onboards new clients for us, sells and evangelizes our capabilities to customers who aren't sure yet, and recruits new members of the team to help us scale up. It is fair to say we couldn't have done it without her and for that we highly recommend her! read more