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  • Natalie Acevedo recommended Prestige Accents
    I attended the course she teaches at San Francisco State University, highly recommended, it helped me identify problems in my speech I didn't even know I had. Now people understand me better and I am more confident. read more

  • Natalie Acevedo recommended San Francisco College of Cosmetology
    I always get my eyebrows waxed and my nails done at the San Francisco College of Cosmetology. They provide a better service that places that charge three times as much as they do. Most services are given by the teachers or students who are about to graduate. I have never left this place unhappy, they really know what they are doing, these teachers have lots of experience performing whatever their area of concentration is. Don't think that because their prices are low they will provide a lesser service, they won't.In fact, I read on their website that they have the highest state board examination passing rates in California. read more

  • Natalie Acevedo recommended Aura Skin Spa
    I got 6 sessions of laser hair removal at Aurasskinspa. A couple of sessions were performed by a physician assistant and two by a registered nurse, they were very knowledgeable of the treatment and explained every detail about it. They also went above and beyond to make feel comfortable and the results were nothing but amazing, after the third session my underarm hair stopped growing. I am really happy that I got this treatment done at Auraskinspa, their state of the art equipment in conjunction with their knowable staff helped me to achieve the result I wanted. By the way, the price I paid for this treatment was the lowest I found in San Francisco, I highly recommend them. read more