Hazen Creative Inc.
Eric Atwood


Hazen specializes in one critical facet of branding: the visual. We’re experts in the visual implementation of brands. This overlaps with other areas, on which we consult—like positioning, voice, and online strategy. But our expertise is in bringing these things to life through design.

Hazen's Clients include: Smithsonian, Good Magazine, the National Academy of Sciences, Cooper’s Hawk Winery & Restaurant, Chronicle Books, Gogo Inflight, Swingline/ACCO, Redbox, Northwestern University, CatalystRx, Overcoat Management (The Swell Season, Iron and Wine), Chicago Portfolio School, YMCA of the USA, The Forum for Healthcare Strategists, Homaro Cantu / Cantu Designs, Paradox Media, EntroPay. Read more

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    Eric has great ideas. We had some kinda weird 70s-era house design issues we needed to rework, and he's been great at helping think through the best way to achieve our goals. And his work is meticulous and his prices are reasonable.

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