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PostalAnnex+ is a one-stop support center for packaging, shipping and office supply needs. Headquartered in San Diego, California, and founded in 1985, there are more than 300 locations operating nationally and internationally. All PostalAnnex+ locations are owned and operated by licensed franchisees.

Annex Brands, Inc. is the franchisor of the PostalAnnex+, Handle With Care-Packaging Store, Sunshine Pack & Ship and SPS Moving brands. Its brands offer shipping and business services such as moving van, freight shipping, small parcel and overnight document delivery services, private mailbox rental, notary service, high-speed copying in black & white and color, office supplies, web site/e-commerce services, faxing service, printing, stationery, rubber address stamps, key duplication, greeting cards and assorted gift items, all in a convenient, service-oriented environment. Read more

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    I take ALL my shipping needs here. They do great work...I've definitely thrown some tough shipping jobs their way and never been disappointed!!

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    PostalAnnex made a valuable international shipment of a vintage Sequential Circuits Prophet V synthesizer both possible — and easy. After a week of confusing quotes and conflicting info from DHL, UPS, FedEx, and even Shyp ("shipping made easy" hmm...), we finally gave up and called the place my friend Derek goes to regularly. We rolled in about five minutes before closing time. Instead of telling us to get out and come back tomorrow, Thomas never rushed us, and took his time figuring out how to double-pack an item that can't really be replaced if damaged. The important point here is that he was able to pack it up and ship it for less than all these places were quoting me, even if i had packed it up myself. So after about 10 years of doing it myself I'm going to him from now on.

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