Petrinovich Pugh & Company, LLP
Thomas Wagstaff


We try to keep staff motivated during tax season by creating a work environment that encourages and rewards performance and new ideas. Given the intrinsic deadline pressures of the profession, we try to make them feel like they are members of a team and that we are all working together. Moreover, we try to keep things in perspective; even in the height of tax season you will hear laughter and feel a sense of ‘esprit de corps’ throughout the office. Read more

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    Tom has been doing my taxes for years, they've only gotten more complicated over that time. I've been continuously happy with his work and attention to detail. Never been audited, and if it ever does happen, I'm happy to have him in my corner.

    Adam Beck

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    My family and I have been using this wonderful firm for over 15 yrs! Our Business that consists of three different corporations is well taken care of!! Thank you :)

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