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    There are few people that I have worked with in any capacity of my life that I would recommend more strongly than Davis Pemstein.

    Buying a house is not easy. It can be crazy. Nerve-wracking. Incredibly time consuming. And, especially for first-time buyers, it can be extremely intimidating.

    That's where Davis comes in.

    He worked tirelessly every step of the way to ensure that we found a place that we loved. Vetted homes for us to look at based on what he thought we'd like. Was realistic with us in terms of what we could afford. Arranged showings for us at the drop of a hat. Was our emotional counsel us through the offer process. Went out of his way to encourage the listing agent to select us amid the several offers submitted. And checked in every step of the way to ensure a smooth close.

    It's one thing to have an agent that helps you through the logistics of finding a place and facilitates a transaction. It's an entirely different thing altogether when you're working with an agent that has your back. That understands the emotional rollercoaster of buying a house in SF. Who says that he'll be there at any time to answer any questions or address any concerns - and actually means it. Who's genuinely as excited as you are when he calls to tell you that your offer was accepted.

    Davis is all of these things and more. We absolutely would not be in our new place without his diligence, his patience, and his hard work. So do yourself a favor, and let him help you find your dream home. Just be sure that you're ready for a response when you email or text him, because it'll be there almost before you hit "send." read more