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    I recently bought a condo with Davis and have to say that he was absolutely incredible throughout the whole process. I came into it thinking I wanted to buy a place, but really having no idea about buying a house.

    He was extremely patient and helpful, explaining how everything goes and took me around to a bunch of places to help me get a sense of what I was looking for. I learned a lot about myself throughout the process, and he was very good at pointing out non-obvious things to me.

    After many months, I finally got a sense for what kind of place in what neighborhood I was interested in buying. I wasn't in any hurry, and Davis was very good about not pressuring me. But we began to get serious. I stopped visiting many places, and was pretty busy with my life, so I wasn't able to go to many open houses. But Davis had a great sense at that point about the type of place I was interested in, and sent me consistently solid places to check out. And when it came time to start putting in some offers, he helped research the recent comparables, so I'd have a good idea of what other similar properties went for, and could get a sense of how much I'd have to offer.

    I thought the whole process would have taken longer than it did, but amazingly, my second offer got accepted. After that, Davis did a good job managing the entire closing process, helping me close on time. There was an overwhelming flood of forms and things to look at, but Davis was good about flagging the important things for me, and helping guide me through that process as well.

    Davis helped handhold me through the entire homebuying experience, and I'm really glad that I had him there for me. I wholeheartedly recommend him to anyone else. read more