Mark Dadgar

Automotive Technology Consultant

25 years of experience in the Silicon Valley startup arena. Read more

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    Mark was the first "startup guy" at our company who knew how to Get Shit Done™ when he joined Upthere. He took care of every niche was covered — everything from marketing to server maintenance to getting the team out for social events. He knows how small teams work, how to organize, and how to work with...difficult personalities. Mark got our JIRA set up properly, greased the wheels between design and management, and kept a smile through the craziness.

    As a automotive enthusiast and early Apple employee, he's brought that same valley savviness to his passions as well. He is a person to turn to for getting business going here. He knows people...and those people know people. He knows how to connect the dots and can advise on the strategies to do so.

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