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  • Kaleb Bilderback recommended Green Galactic
    absolutely awesome they really are fab just wonderful excellent nice job fast efficient affordable educational happy and easy going. read more

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  • Lynn Tejada recommended Heavy Petting Pet Services
    Full transparency... Lee Ann is my half-sister (but my whole heart loves her!).

    Whoever calls on Lee Ann for doggie day care (daily play groups &/or boarding) appreciates & enjoys (both the humans & the canines) her deep knowledge, experience and love for the animals in her care.

    This is a full-on business/career for her and I know she is very serious about her doggies' comfort & safety. How she cares for them, transports them & and exercises them... everything she does is very thoughtful and as fulfilling as possible for the creatures in her care.

    She is also very capable in emergency situations or when medication or veterinary visits are part of the care. And she has some very long-term clients who have used her for over many, many years. read more

  • Lynn Tejada recommended Roya Design
    I can't imagine there could be a more gifted, all-knowing, creative & skilled tailor in the world!

    I love Roya so much :-). She is such a sweetheart & just so talented. I first went to her in 2010 when my mother-in-law to-be discovered her little shop in the back of a women's clothing store in Studio City. She somehow miraculously took a tiny dress that I loved (that I found in that store) and somehow added its own fabric from hidden lining or wherever and expanded it to fit me (for my wedding rehearsal dinner). She's like a miracle worker!

    She has been helping me with everything from alterations to repairing vintage dresses to designing brand new creations from fabric I bring in. I've even bought her own creations that she sells in her little Sherman Oaks studio. I can't imagine not having her in my life.

    She also alter's my husband's clothes when needed. Sometimes you do need to go in for more than one fitting if it's a challenging piece. But the results are always incredible :-). read more