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Lynn Tejada

Publicity and Marketing Consulting


PR/Publicity Consultation

A one-hour consultation to discuss any publicity needs you may have for an arts/culture/entertainment-related project. Cost is refunded if we work together under contract.

We can chat on the phone, over video, or in person – if schedules allow – in the Los Angeles area.

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1 hour
As soon as Oct 06, 2023

What does it include?

  • Why is your project press-worthy?
  • If I have a limited budget, should I put all of my promotional eggs in the PR basket?
  • What’s the ideal amount of lead-time?
  • How important is the visual identity of the project?
  • Media relationships and recommendations for outreach
  • Design, Copy, and Positioning feedback
  • Initial strategy discussion
  • a million more topics, TBD

Additional notes

Established in Hollywood, California in 1993, Green Galactic provides publicity, promotion, and marketing consulting services to an eclectic array of spirited clients who entertain, enlighten, and inspire, frequently blurring the line between popular culture and fine art. The company was built upon its founder’s passion for her hometown music, Detroit Techno.

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