• Mihir Shah
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  • Mihir Shah recommended Wigoda & Wigoda
    They handled a collection letter for my business a few years ago and were successful. Didn't cost me too much so it was worth it! read more

  • Mihir Shah recommended Cassidy Tire & Service
    I had a flat tire and they were close soI pulled into their driveway grumbling because I was expecting them to replace the tire and set me back a bunch of greenbacks. I walked up to the counter and the guy was SUPER FRIENDLY and NICE. I told him the situation and he said "no problem. have a seat. should take less than 20 minutes." I looked at the driveway and they had already taken my car into the garage.

    15 minutes later, the nice gent said my car was ready. He said they found a nail in the tire. He told me they patched it up and it was $35. read more

  • Mihir Shah recommended Teeple Leonard & Erdman Attorneys at Law
    Michael Erdman at Teeple Leonard & Erdman Attorneys at Law has created many contracts for my business and reviewed contracts from vendors and customers. Also written collection letters and other random legal things. Very thorough and clear. Always looks out for his clients. read more

  • Mihir Shah recommended Craig Harbauer Design
    Craig designed the packaging for my product line at a very fair rate. He's not just a graphic designer but has deep knowledge about packaging, online and print ads. read more

  • Mihir Shah recommended Darren Day Photography
    When I was launching my products, the package design company was hiring photographers and directors for a thousand of dollars per hour which ended up to be about a 3 hour session. I then found Darren in an ad and we worked together for about the same amount of time and he charged me about 80% less for the same quality. I trusted Darren so for all future projects. I'd drop of products and explain to him what I needed and take off. A few days later I'd get the beautiful results in my Dropbox. read more

  • Mihir Shah recommended Mary Brown Design
    She did a great job creating my small business website with ecommerce at an affordable price. Other companies wanted to change 4x as much. She made training videos on how to make updates and edits. read more

  • Mihir Shah recommended Affordable HANDYMAN Inc.
    Quick response time and he picked up the materials I needed for the projects. Also showed me how to install a dimmer on my own if I wish to do so. read more

  • Mihir Shah recommended JT Levin & Associates
    Good small business accountant and tax preparer. Uses technology to get things done more efficiently. Affodable prices. read more

  • Mihir Shah recommended Dreamtown
    He found me my home! Even after purchase, he checks on me periodically to make sure everything is good. read more