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    We’ve been working with Eric Morris for almost 10 years. Eric has more than 30 years of experience; his knowledge base is vast. He’s a problem solver. If I could ask him to do all our work, I would. He stands behind the work his crew does—100%. He does not come up with substitutions, equivalents, surprises, or be satisfied with “almost” right. He takes “best practices” to heart—right down to every detail. He suggests better methods, better materials, helps me spend our money frugally and still get the best product possible. He takes nothing for granted. I’m involved as much or as little as I want. At this point, I know him well enough to know when a decision on my part is needed and when he can take care of whatever the issue may be. He’s successfully tackled multi-million dollar commercial projects, but is still willing to take on troubleshooting mechanical issues, mitigating flood damage, estimating repairs in record time when it counts, getting mold testing of his own volition, educating others, and still not have a problem with our little bathroom or kitchen remodeling. I have an architectural background and I know how to recognize a really good contractor. Thus, I’m fully endorsing E.B Morris Construction. Should anyone have any questions, I’m open to answering. (And, he’s not related to us in any way! He’s just really good at what he does.)