• Madeleine Maxwell
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  • Madeleine Maxwell recommended Gibson Pest Control
    Gibson customer rep always requests an appointment time that is convenient for us. Always on time -- or we get a call. They are professionals and do both residential and commercial work. I have received knowledgable answers to my questions. I have found all those we have met from Gibson during the past few years to be thorough, personable and trustworthy. Recently, I panicked when our dog pinned a mouse under a bureau. Egads! (Should mention that the crew is great with big, enthusiastic dogs, too.) Our representative stopped everything and came right over and carefully removed the little critter. That's personalized service! read more

  • Madeleine Maxwell recommended Wondermint
    I have known Andrew since he was a college student and, even at that time, an Apple whiz, Apple certified, as well. In addition to teaching a network of friends and acquaintances how to competently use their computers, troubleshoot their systems, he would end up hooking up their entertainment systems, too. He also was known for responding to his clients day or night if it meant helping someone in a jam. I called him several times in a panic situation with my computer issues. He never ever expressed being "bothered" by my many phone calls. Little by little word spread about what a fantastic instructor and communicator Andrew is—and how responsible he is, as well. He's upbeat, friendly, non-judjmental and works to solve problems while educating his customers. He fits right in—becoming a member of one's "team" whether it's a single residential customer or with a large organization. read more

  • Madeleine Maxwell recommended Lipman & Katz Attorneys at Law
    Straightforward, honest, pleasant, and competent. They work to right wrongs; they work for their client with a commendable sense of ethics. I know the senior group well and only have good things to say about the practice. I trust them to be helpful, responsible and diligent. We have had occasion to work with them for financial, will, and estate planning for a family member, and for us, some ordinary, as well as odd real estate issues. We also consulted with them about a contractor who had run off with a hefty deposit we had paid him for work he never did. Over a two year period, lawyers elsewhere had said it was a lost cause. A young lawyer at L&K, took it upon himself to call us with a recommendation. We were eventually reimbursed through the help of the DA's office, which never would have happened had the attorney at L&K, not told us what to do. read more

  • Madeleine Maxwell recommended Gillespie Dental Associates
    It's not often that I'd rave about a dental practice given my "65 and over" age and, believe me, lots of experience. I thought I've had good dentists in the past, but this dental practice blew me away. It's not just me, they've been voted best in Western North Carolina. Several friends, along with an oral surgeon, vouched for Gillespie Dental—saying the whole team is excellent. What distinguishes them initially upon walking in to their office is the comfortable, neutral, calm, and relatively spacious setting for any medical-type practice. One has one's space there without being "sardined" right next to others. The staff is very attentive, welcoming, and helpful. I was told to allow 2 hours for the first appointment. I had already spent a good deal of time filling out the patient forms ahead of time, but I had no idea just how careful and thorough the exam was. An efficient, extremely affable and knowledgeable dental hygienist spent the better part of those two hours taking x-rays, photos (of every tooth from every angle) -- using the latest equipment. It was the first time anyone had ever given me such a complete exam and cleaning. She told me that she had wanted to work for this dental practice for seven years before an opening came up and she was hired. That says a lot in itself. (Read the bios of all staff. Impressive.) When the dentist came in, although I know how busy they were, she made it seem as if I was the only person who mattered. She, too, did a total dental exam and then talked with me about a few options I had for dealing with an issue I brought up. All in all, I couldn't wait to send this recommendation. read more

  • Madeleine Maxwell recommended Rockcliff Oral and Facial Surgery & Dental Implant Center
    First of all, they have a great reputation already, which is why I chose this oral surgery practice. They have a welcoming, experienced, and thoughtful office staff; knowledgable and kind surgeons' assistants (again, friendly). Surprisingly direct, helpful Dr. Hayes took the time to carefully educate me as to all aspects of the issue and all approaches to dealing with it—doing what makes the most sense. We engaged in a one-to-one mutually respectful exchange, which is often not the case at the office of a medical professional. They seem to do what's going to provide the client the best outcome no matter what. I would go there immediately if I needed further care. read more

  • Madeleine Maxwell recommended All About Blinds & Shutters
    The owner knows his stuff. He's so very good at figuring out what will work best in what location, whether it's a wall of plantation shutters that are composite material because it's near the water or a simple pleated shade because that's what will do the best job. They manufacture all that they sell. There is a wait time, but they do their best. I am recommending them because they continue to service our wall installation even though it's several years old at this point. Roger, the owner, even can project how many years we have "left" in them and is willing to keep all the panels in working order for a slight fee for as long as he possibly can. He and his crew are always pleasant to work with. I have used other suppliers in the area and went back to All About Blinds because I know they stand behind their work and do their best to accommodate us respectfully and responsibly. read more

  • Madeleine Maxwell recommended CertaPro Painters of Maine
    Very organized. Thorough estimator who is extremely knowledgeable about materials, conditions, and various solutions. We have a log house that was improperly sealed when it was built. The estimator was able to discuss various manufacturers' sealants, methods of approaching the work that needed to be done including stripping, sanding, repairing, etc. The workers were terrific. They were so easy to have around. In fact, people commented on how hard at work the crew was and how it transformed in record time, without skimping. The cost was right on target. The warranty was the best we had found, as well. This was our first experience with a franchise and we would do it all over again. Also, although they are in Scarborough, they serve a larger area inasmuch as we are about 75 miles from their office—and that's not an issue for the company. We were happy to have been able to find a reliable company with such a positive crew. read more

  • Madeleine Maxwell recommended Daylight Asheville
    No leaks!!! Their reps recommend various lighting solutions. We chose Solatubes to naturally illuminate a dark room with a high ceiling when we didn't want to hand more lights or interfere with the architectural beauty of the room. The figured out how many we needed -- and what we could "get by with," as well, where they should be, and what would work best. We weighed the options and our budget together. Their installer was efficient and does an excellent job. No marks on the ceiling. Did the work when they said they would. Underestimated the length of piping needed and didn't charge for their mistake. They simply apologized and did the work. I hope we can install more of them and would call Daylight Asheville to do the work. read more

  • Madeleine Maxwell recommended E.B. Morris General Contractors
    We’ve been working with Eric Morris for almost 10 years. Eric has more than 30 years of experience; his knowledge base is vast. He’s a problem solver. If I could ask him to do all our work, I would. He stands behind the work his crew does—100%. He does not come up with substitutions, equivalents, surprises, or be satisfied with “almost” right. He takes “best practices” to heart—right down to every detail. He suggests better methods, better materials, helps me spend our money frugally and still get the best product possible. He takes nothing for granted. I’m involved as much or as little as I want. At this point, I know him well enough to know when a decision on my part is needed and when he can take care of whatever the issue may be. He’s successfully tackled multi-million dollar commercial projects, but is still willing to take on troubleshooting mechanical issues, mitigating flood damage, estimating repairs in record time when it counts, getting mold testing of his own volition, educating others, and still not have a problem with our little bathroom or kitchen remodeling. I have an architectural background and I know how to recognize a really good contractor. Thus, I’m fully endorsing E.B Morris Construction. Should anyone have any questions, I’m open to answering. (And, he’s not related to us in any way! He’s just really good at what he does.) read more