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2-Person Meal Delivery

Weekly meal delivery across the United States, featuring farm-fresh, seasonal produce, meat with no added hormones, and sustainable seafood. Meal kits include ingredients, recipe cards, access to how-to videos, and the story behind our ingredients.

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As soon as Jul 01, 2022

What does it include?

  • 3 recipes per week, each serving 2 adults
  • Menus are tailored to your dietary preferences

Menus feature:

  • Farm-fresh, seasonal produce
  • Meat with no added hormones
  • Sustainable seafood
  • Vegetarian plans available

Menu kits also include:

  • Recipe cards
  • How-to videos
  • The story behind our ingredients

Additional notes

  • Ingredients are packed in a refrigerated box so your food stays fresh until you get home.
  • Convenient service: you can skip or cancel any time after signing up.

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