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Recent Activity

  • Timothy Pizza recommended Different Fur

    Mastering Engineer

    Patrick Brown at Different Fur has always given me good deals on recording; night spots etc. He even gave me instructions on home recording so I could save money by recording at home and re-amping the pre recorded tracks through his Twin Reverb later. This way, I didn't waste money trying to get the take right and I could use the studio time for more productive things. He's easy and fun to work with. Read more

  • Timothy Pizza recommended Waveformless

    Synthesizer Repair

    Jason at Waveformless has been really supportive and patient while dealing with me when I was first getting into modular synthesis. He would always answer questions I had and repair modules when I plugged them in the wrong way. He never made me feel bad for breaking stuff and always made a funny joke of it. He's a cool kid. Read more

  • Timothy Pizza recommended Gary Brawer Guitar Repair

    Electronics. Stringed instrument repair.

    Gary has been able to repair and modify every instrument I've brought him. He has also modded all of them. He added a Fernandez Sustainer, killswitch and Vibra-Trem circuit to an old Telecaster replica from the 50's. He also added LED lights to the top of the case in my Trogtronic flight case. He even added a clip so I can still remove the top if I want to. The power pulls from the main unit just like any module. Read more

  • Joseph Prein recommended Civil Audio

    Audio Engineer

    Excellent engineer, better friend. Michael is the cream of the crop and the king on the top when it comes to cranking off a record. Read more

  • Marc Langelier recommended Minimum Wage Recording

    Recording/Mixing/Mastering Engineer

    Lance is a great engineer and musician. He has a great studio and he's super great to work with. At Minimum Wage you can relax and focus on playing the music and know that Lance will do a superb job of recording it. Read more

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