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Best of Yoga 2017-2018

From studios to instructors, teacher-trainers to retreats, recommend the businesses & professionals who help you strengthen your mind & body!

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  • Core Power Yoga has not only given me a new perspective on yoga due to it's added physical endurance in a heated room, but they have worked with me personally to make my yoga dream come true! They are the only studio I found, (Shattuck Studio specifically), that was understanding and flexible enough to allow my teacher training to come into fruition. I was allowed a free week and loved them instantly! They are easy-going, the instructors are all so kind and wonderful to talk to, and their love for yoga is embodied in them every time I see them or enter one of their classes! It takes the mind of yoga, but the power of the physical body all into one! This studio is great for any kind of yogi that is ready to enhance their practice in their everyday lives. :) Read more

  • I recommend Natasha Moine, because she's a very zen person. She's a strong and independent woman, truly an inspiration to other women. She's an amazingly talented photographer, who now also works as a yoga instructor at Upward Dog Yoga Centre in Ottawa. Read more

  • I have been going to choice fitness for 10 years. When I first started I was a novice lifter. Now I consider my self a seasoned gym rat. Their staff and clients have helped me reach my goals Read more

  • I have had all positive experiences. They ensure that all levels in the class are participating and are encouraging, caring, and positive. Read more

  • Motivational on-site owners that care about customers' health on a holistic level. Warm, welcome environment where you can attain fitness no matter your starting point. Read more

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