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    Let me tell you that I have been seeing Dr. Hanson for about 7 years and he is my one and only true doctor besides my Dentist and vision. I take no medications except for vitamins that he recommends. When I see him once or twice a month, depending on my level of activities because I do professional development for educators and support teachers. Every time, I walk out of his office feeling like a million dollars. I truly believe that he has the gift of healing hands. Back in the day, I fell on ice during 2 business trips in Michigan. They put me in the airplane on a wheel chair due to the pain, 2 weeks later I was running and fast walking after coming home to San Antonio and seeing Dr. Hanson. I truly trust and believe in him! I'm going on 74 yrs old and I know that I will stay healthy and Active with the blessings of my heavenly father first and then Dr. Clayton Hanson! I pray you have the same blessings as I do now! I know I am very much loved and blessed to have him in my life! If he moves to China I will follow him there! I pray he does not! Love and Prayers to everyone! read more