Eugene Toale

Recording Engineer

In the old days I Recorded albums for the major Labels, made platinum records, and was even nominated for a few Grammys. These days I'm much happier finding and producing independent musicians and bands.

RECENT ARTISTS. Pi Jacobs, Aparato, Nusrat Fateh Ali Kahn, The black apples, Facts on File, Fernanda Ulibarri, Black rebel Motorcycle club, Cuevo, Maleco Collective, [email protected] [email protected], Deep Space Cowboys, Vanessa Boyd, 1500 or nothin', Coolzey, Alex Fedorov, Shanghai, Johnny O'Donnel, Sounds of Asteroth, and the No more Bebop Mixtape series.

Follow @DoctorRecord (via Twitter) to keep up with me as I record bands, Write music, and Produce new artists from the new Music Center of LA.

Bedrock Studios (Echo Park) is up and running and the walls are vibrating with music all day and night.

Now you know where to find me!

Fresh from a 10-year run in NYC, ¨Old-School¨ Recording Engineer with major credits

(Kanye West, Brandy, Mya, Wu Tang, Maleco Collective, [email protected] [email protected], and Uli and the Gringos)

Has found a new Home in East Hollywood! Read more

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    Eugene has an amazing ear for production and being able to control the work-space to get the best out of his clients. His workflow is quick and precise as well as progressive. With an amazing catalog and quarry of talented musicians, Eugene puts alot of himself in his work. Fluent in three languages, Eugene has made a substantial mark on the latin dance scene as well as European house and disco scenes.

    Alec Ward

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    Eugene is not only a hard worker, but his creative talents far exceeded my expectations! I would love to work with Eugene again on any project!

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